UNCWAthletics: Selection Sunday

As Spring Break winds down and the ashes begin to settle in many vacation locations, a new fire is kindling in Trask Coliseum.With their win over Hoffstra UNCW Men’s Basketball has clinched their 5th CAA title and a ticket to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 10 years.


As a result, UNCW is holding a Selection Sunday Celebration in Trask Coliseum on Sunday March 13th, which just so happens the Sunday directly after Spring Break. The UNCW Men’s Basketball team has been a hit sensation this year, for good reason, and as always it’s the fans that drive the team’s spirit. There’s nothing more comforting than a coliseum full of students cheering for you right?


The great thing about UNCW Athletics is their level of interaction with their fans. Selection Sunday will be the first time the Seahawks will know who they’re facing in the first round of the NCAA tournament and inviting fans to join in with them encourages a sense of school pride and school spirit that can often seem lacking here. UNCW Athletics goes for the kind of inclusiveness you don’t see at a lot of other schools and always looks out for players and fans.


Looking for something to do now? Come out to Selection Sunday and support our Seahawks as they prepare for the next step in their journey. The schedule is as follows:

4:30 p.m. – Doors open
4:45 p.m. – Entertainment
5:10 p.m. – Team Introduction
5:15 p.m. – 2015-16 Highlights
5:30 p.m. – Selection Show

There will also be an autograph session and a “selfie station” with the CAA championship trophy and the sign that goes with it. Have you been following the explosive Seahawk season? Who do you think UNCW will be up against? Are we going to take home another trophy this season? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Oh, and did I mention the leading scorer Chris Flemmings is a Communication Studies major? #COMLovesAthletics


-Allen, Austin, and Lane

11 thoughts on “UNCWAthletics: Selection Sunday

  1. Well now that I know we are playing Duke I think that it could get ugly but I have faith in our Hawks. Even though Duke has some great players, like Allen and Ingram, the team overall has been fairly inconsistent and I think we could take advantage of that. What I love is that UNCW is going into this tournament as a big underdog so if we can come out and go balls to the wall and play like we have nothing to lose, I believe we have the talent to advance a few rounds.

  2. I was there and it was awesome! Even though successful sports teams aren’t necessary for a fun college experience, it’s definitely something that unites the student body and I love it. Regrettably, that’s not something you see as much at UNCW compared to other universities so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  3. As a die hard basketball fan, I am so stoked that UNCW has finally made it back to the NCAA Tournament! Finally I can cheer on my actual college team! UNCW’s season has been a fun one to watch. As the season has gone on, more and more fans started to come out to the games. Even though some may call these “bandwagon fans” not true fans, I think we should welcome them aboard the Seahawk Express with open arms! The more the merrier. The UNCW basketball team has definitely been something for the community and the student body to rally behind. I have seen more school spirit this year than any other year I have been here. The NCAA tournament will definitely but UNCW in the national sport light, especially now since we are playing Duke! I think everyone who hates Duke will be rooting for us! If we can pull of a win, it would be a huge upset! Can’t wait to tune in and watch! My money is of course on UNCW.

  4. I am very excited to watch UNCW Men’s Basketball team play in the NCAA Tournament! For a school believed to have a lack of school spirit within the student body, the basketball team’s continued success this season has certainly captured fans attention. As the season progressed more and more fans gathered in Trask Coliseum to cheer on the university’s beloved basketball team. Clinching their 5th CAA title and a ticket to this year’s NCAA Tournament, the men’s basketball team has both ignited and strengthened the sense of school pride among the community. For me personally, I value UNCW Athletics sense of inclusiveness among their players and fans, and am therefore excited to both be a part of and share this wonderful experience with my fellow Seahawks.

  5. I work for the sports marketing department on campus so I have been following our men’s basketball team very closely this season and have been at most of the games. I have to say that the first thing I noticed when I came to UNCW as a freshmen two years ago was the lack of school spirit, but after seeing the student sections this season and Trask fill up with crazy fans my confidence in Seahawk spirit rose. Winning the CAA conference and having a viewing party in Trask this past Sunday for students to join the team in learning they who their opponent was in the tournament was such a great experience. I agree one hundred percent about the “inclusiveness” our athletics has that other schools do not, and I am especially proud to be a Seahawk this week.

  6. It makes me extremely happy to see all of the support and excitement for our school and basketball team. I think one of the worst things is when people say that UNCW does not have any school spirit. I can agree that sometimes it lacks, but right now I would say it is at an all-time high. I like the match-up versus Duke and think that the Seahawks could be the upset team of this year’s NCAA Tournament. It is amazing what Coach Keatts has done with our program in just to years!

  7. I loved this post! I am on the dance team and I have cheered through every home game this season, plus watching the team win the CAA in Baltimore. I am currently in Rhode Island for the NCAA tournament and couldn’t be more excited for the team to take on Duke on Thursday. I also have a strong passion for college basketball, so it makes me happy to see our school coming together to support the team. I was rather impressed with the fan base this season, and how many students came out to watch each game. As Coach Keatts said at the end of the season, Trask has become one of the hardest places to play in the CAA conference and it wouldn’t be that way without the support of the students. So I can’t wait to go out on the court on Thursday and watch the real Coach K take down the Blue Devils.

  8. I think it is really great that we made it to the NCAA tournament. As you mention, school spirit is not something our school shows in the same sense as other schools do. During spring break I have seen so many people reposting articles about UNCW basketball, making tweets,instagramming pictures and changing their Facebook profile pictures. It’s clear to see that we are proud of our school, and that we will support our teams. Go Seahawks!

  9. I wish I would have seen this earlier so I could have gone. This is a great way to connect the student athletes with the rest of the student community and the Wilmington community. My niece and nephew love our basketball team and they actually went to this event and loved every minute of it. My niece got a picture with the cheerleaders so of course her day was made.

  10. should be interesting first game since we got paired up with duke. regardless of how it goes its good to see the entire school getting behind the team. I feel like since we don”t have a football team UNCW can be a little low on school spirit that has not at all been the case this past week. all that being said I think most of us are a little bummed that classes will not be canceled for this historic event. regardless I cant wait to watch us tear it up and bring the Dub to the NCAA tournament at long last. Go Hawks

  11. I am so excited that we are playing against Duke tomorrow! I am born and raised in Durham, NC so this game really hits home for me. I am stuck between who to pull for! I have seen Duke do great things in the past but this year our team has not been its greatest. As always I want my Blue Devils to win it all, but if UNCW has a chance to become a big winner underdog, that would be really cool as well. Who cares, as long as Carolina is losing right?? It is really a neat experience to be able to attend while UNCW plays in the NCAA tournament and Im excited to watch it stream tomorrow in Trask!!

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