Campus Showcase: TealTV

UNCW offers many different clubs and organizations that students can be a part of. If you are a student who wants to utilize your talents in Journalism, Film Editing, Graphic Design, Sports Casting, Marketing, Film, or Writing, then TealTV is the organization for you. TealTV is UNCW’s student-run broadcast organization that provides an experience in media production and is a part of the student media organization. They have multiple shows that they create and market as well. Most of the shows have a connection or a tie in with UNCW or Wilmington. Some of these shows include Dub After Dark, Port City Spotlight, and the Seahawk Central News. This is a great way to link the student organization to the school and the community, and TealTV keeps the brand apparent in all of its titles.                                             57vlp1nh

TealTV is composed of many different concentrations, or teams. Like any running business, each team specializes in a certain branch that benefits and further progresses the organization as a whole. Some of these teams include the: Marketing Team, Writing Team, Sitcom Team, Film Editing Team, Sports Team and Anchors. Based upon each specific TealTV member’s interests and skills, the members are split up into teams that meet separately throughout the week. Each team delegates tasks amongst themselves to produce results that spark not only UNCW students, but a wider demographic as well.                     


Every team amongst the organization teaches their members valuable skills that can be strengthened throughout their time at UNCW and even during their careers. Not only this, but TealTV utilizes each member’s skill sets to bring about the best of on campus news broadcast. Since its inception, TealTV has given students the ability to strengthen their public speaking skills, communication skills, team working skills, and time management skills. TealTV familiarizes its members with technical skills while also giving them some real life working experience. Ultimately, TealTV is a job that you can enjoy. With the use of a strong reliance on social media, YouTube, and an on campus television channel, TealTV catches the attention of its students by developing stories that cater to their interests and are relevant to their lives at UNCW.

TealTV is currently utilizing a Spring Break photo contest to increase viewership and student involvement. They have all the info needed on their website which will be tagged below. Comment on which student organizations you would like to see in the future! 

-Austin, Jonathan, & Kaela

3 thoughts on “Campus Showcase: TealTV

  1. I have a huge appreciation for organizations such as TealTV because it offers so many opportunities for students on campus. There are a wide range of skills that need to be fulfilled in order for the station to function. The students are able to take advantage of these different areas and allow their talents to shine. I would say that the COM studies major has a large variety of talented students who are able to fulfill those positions in organizations such as TealTV or Wingspan. I hope they continue to push student involvement because there are so many jobs that relate to TV and the media.

  2. I’ve been a part of TealTV since my first semester here at UNCW, and I’ve never been a part of an organization with so many moving parts. There’s literally something for everyone! Interested in Marketing, got it. News? Check. Sports? Duh. Like to be techy and work behind the scenes? Awesome. Since it’s origination in 1999, TealTV has gone through multiple changes. For example, they’re only had a marketing team since 2013… they’ve only had a marketing team for three years! And since 2013, that team has tripled in growth. Like any organization, TealTV still has things it needs to work on, but by being a part of the Communication Studies field, and appealing to the many different students inside of that major, I can only predict that TealTV will continue to grow (I might be a little biased).

  3. I’m so excited about TealTV. I will hopefully be a part of the organization this fall! I’m waiting to put in my application. I know quite a few people who are with TealTV and the enthusiasm they have for this organization has really pushed me to try to join the team.

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