Spring Break is upon us, and if you’re so far plan-less, it’s understandable to worry about filling all those hours that are usually occupied by studying. If you’re running low on ideas or tight on money, here’s a short list that can hopefully inspire you to use your break to the fullest.

Road trip


You don’t need a plane ticket to go somewhere cool. In fact, the drive can be half of the fun for some trips. Go to places you always wanted to go, this don’t have to be far away.

Visit a festival or concert


During spring break every city offers probably more than you expect. From the smell of sweet blossoms at our world-famous Azalea Festival to Pleasure Island’s tasty Chowder Cook-off, Wilmington and their beach towns bring a spring break of tastes, sights and sounds.

Go hiking


Just because you aren’t going to a famous spring break location doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy somewhere else. You can exercise and see some pretty beautiful sights, and maybe you’ll even get to Instagram it — it’s a win-win-win.

Movie marathon


You are not searching for hiking or that kind of exercise? Call a bunch of your closest friends and let everyone bring their favorite movie and, since you won’t have school the next morning, stay up all night watching them! Make sure you make loads of popcorn and maybe it’s an idea to create a nice setting.


Last but not least, our favorite one, take some thing to relax! School is a major stressor for so many of us and that can have some really bad effects on your mind and your body. So, go to a spa, read your favorite book or go home and let your parents take care of you.

With this options, staying at home is not so bad at all! We would love to hear what you all are doing and if you have any additions to our list.

– Pauline, Addison & Sloane