The New and Improved Facebook “Like”

We did not think social media could get any better, did you? Facebook added new reactions for the users including: “love,” “haha,” ,“wow,” “sad,” and “angry” on February 24th. Originally “yay” was in the running, but unfortunately it did not make the cut.

These new features make it easier for users to express how they feel about a picture,status update, meme, etc., rather than just posting below. Instead of commenting “love” or “haha” you can now hover over the “Like” button and view the other options and click the emoji that fits best. This is Facebook’s way of making their website more user friendly to the public.

screen shot 2016-02-24 at 12.53.30 pm

Although users wanted Facebook to add a “Dislike” button, this was the alternative that was decided. However, are we as users naive to believe that this is the full story? These buttons serve not only to its users but it helps Facebook gather more data based on clicks. Facebook is swarming with advertisements that pop up on the screen in some way, shape, or form. However, those advertisements are not just random companies, but ones geared specifically towards the brands users have viewed and shown interest on Facebook. These newly added features will help Facebook gather further data on its users, by the click of a button.

It’s up to us to decide whether or not is it worth our time to use Facebook’s reaction feature. What do you think about the new emoji buttons? If you love them, let us know which one is your favorite. If not, let us know why!

-Erin Fouhy, Sarah Garner, Caitlin Rodermund, and Megan Suggs.


One thought on “The New and Improved Facebook “Like”

  1. I didn’t want Facebook to make additional buttons because it really was not in need. Facebook expected that the users could express their feelings with more buttons. But I think those six buttons started to limit people’s expressions because people could imply any thought by clicking “Like” before. So a lot of other emotions except these 6 can’t be directly shown. Also, one of the reasons people began to dislike Facebook compared to before is it has become complicated. In addition to too many commercials, those buttons provides the evidence that Facebook is becoming more flimsy.

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