Emoji Meets Soda Can

Do you remember the “Share A Coke” campaign? Well, according to an article in Ad Age,  this summer the emoji meets the soda can in a similar campaign titled “Say it With Pepsi.” In this campaign, 70 different emojis will be printed not only on the soda cans but on bottles and cups as well and available in over 100 markets across the globe.

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We as consumers are accustomed to emojis in the digital realm, embedded in the day to day phone, tablet, and computer conversations. As Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi puts it, “…no one has put them in the world like Pepsi will in 2016.” Pepsi is even taking it a step further and creating “PepsiMoji inspired sunglasses” as one advertising strategy paired with their digital advertising which includes a soccer TV Ad with soccer star James Rodriguez.

Emojis are common for us now. They are often a way of expressing ourselves when words just cannot seem to do it. They are also used alongside words as a way to better get our point across. Either way, it seems like a pretty good strategy for Pepsi to take such an intricate part of our daily lives and apply it to their product.

You can read the article here

Now more than ever it is important for ad campaigns to stay on top of current trends.  By capitalizing on the emojis, Pepsi is sure to create a buzz.  Advertising is all about making the consumer feel a part of something and that they are connected.  What may look like some smileys on a bottle to an ordinary person is, in fact connecting them to the product and other users of the product as well.  Pepsi advertisers and other brands use this strategy constantly and it can be seen everywhere if you really pay attention the message of ads.

So what do you think about #pepsimoji? How do you think this Pepsi campaign will compare to “Share a Coke?”. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

-Tiersa, Madeline, Syndey S., Sydney W.