5 apps to improve yourself

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re stuck and unhappy? Or do you just see a good challenge in self-improvement? You are not alone! Self-development has become very popular among COM students and professionals, and it might be the solution for negative emotions, a stalled career or a lack of inspiration.

You don’t have to do this all by yourself! On your smartphone there will be thousands of options, and this week we looked for the best applications to reach your goals!

1. Coach.me


Don’t underestimate the influence of powerful questions. Powerful questions increase the sense of possibilities, and ensure that you will consider new options, which removes mental boundaries. Sounds heavy right, but this is exactly what the app Coach.me does. Want to start with better habits? A coach can help with this. Looking for new career opportunities? A coach can help with this. You do not know how to start a new challenge? A coach .. Well, you get the idea!

2. DayOneApp


Did you know that keeping a diary is proven to optimize both of the parts of your brains? Writing stimulates the left-brain and creativity occurs in the right-brain. A diary will help you break through mental walls and yourself, others and the world around you to understand better. What is also great about the DayOneApp, is that you can add photos, local weather and locations, which makes it a lot easier for you keeping track on it.

3. Unstuck


Many of us know, there will be a point in our lives when we are stuck. A situation where we cannot move forward and do not know why. Fortunately, an application for this problem exists! Unstuck helps you solve your problems, finding motivation and overcoming your insecurities. Digital coaches make a diagnosis about your “stuck” and give you tips and tricks.

4. MyFitnessPal


There aren’t many things worse then having to count the calories we consume on a daily basis. Let’s face it – no one has the time for this. Fortunately, the company Under Armour calorie counting made easy with the app MyFitnessPal. This app not only pulls off calories based on your sport performance that day, but also counts the calories from the food you eat in a day by scanning barcodes. Lose weight or simply healthier life has never been easier! And you know what they say… A healthy body is a healthy mind.

5. Happier


Many different things project positivity to boost your happiness, but they are harder to remember than the bad things you experience. The app Happier will help you to collect your good moments throughout the day. More than 11,000 studies have namely shown that gratitude for fine things improves your sleep quality, optimism and creativity. In addition, it increases your productivity and reduces stress. You have to find happiness in the small things in life because if we let all of the bad things take over, it would be much harder to find self-contentment.

Are you ready to become a better version of yourself? Don’t wait another minute and try these apps out now. We are already sure to make your life a bit easier with one (or more) of the applications we mentioned above, and we would love to hear about your experiences comment below after you give them a shot!

– Pauline, Addison & Sloane

10 thoughts on “5 apps to improve yourself

  1. I loved this post! I’m always looking for new apps that help me out, whether it’s physically, emotionally, or intellectually. While I haven’t downloaded any of those apps, I have recently downloaded ‘Wunderlist’ and ‘SWORKIT’. Wunderlist is an app for your to-do lists, errands and reminders. Personally, I gain total satisfaction from physically checking off boxes on my to-do list, so going digital took a little getting used to. However, now instead of leaving random lists around my house, I can just pull out my phone and add a task at a few clicks of a button.I tried using MyFitnessPal, but I don’t think I was in the right mindset to really get into it. I’ve heard wonderful things though, especially from friends who own a fitbit or other fitness tracker. Overall, I researched all of the apps above and I’ll probably end up downloading all of them.

    • Hi Kyndall, thanks for your enthusiastic reply! Good to hear that you like the post and the apps. I heard of ‘Wunderlist’ before, I really like that one. I did not know about ‘SWORKIT’, but I definitely gonna check it out! I know your feeling to get from paper to digital, but now I’m used to this, it’s a lot easier. It will be the future, they say..

  2. This post was such a fun read! I am all about improvement, setting goals, and taking steps to a happier, healthier life. I had actually never heard of any of these apps before and after reading the blog, I downloaded the “Happier” application as well as the “Coach.me” app. The happier app has been so uplifting, to see other people posting things that make them happy, and to be able to share photos or moments that brought joy to my life. An app that is all about positivity is definitely a bright and cheery part of the day. I have loved using it and I can definitely recommend it to a friend. As for the Coach.me app, I am a strong believer in setting goals in every aspect of life, which means short term goals that result in long term goals. The Coach.me app was a nice encouragement, but I felt like I was better at motivating myself, so I ended up deleting it within the week (plus my phone was running out of storage). Loved learning about some new apps out there that help better life. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Morgan, thank you for your reply! Nice to read that you already download a few of them. I’m also really excited about ‘Happier’, for the same reasons, so I totally agree with you! About the ‘Coach.me’ app you’re right, I think this one varies more per person. Besides that, phone storage seems to be a problem for many people, maybe a good idea search for some solutions and to write about on this blog in the future :).

  3. I absolutely loved this post! As a college student who has a lot of things going on, a lack of motivation and balance can really be detrimental to my everyday life. That is why I was so excited to hear about these apps that can help me find motivation, balance, and well being in my everyday life. I was particularly interested in the DayOneApp. I have always wanted to start a dairy, but I always forget to make a conscious effort to actually go out and buy a journal. However, now I think I will just check out this app, because I almost always have my phone on me, which would make it easier for me to keep up with it. In addition the added features of being able to add pictures, weather information, and locations will just make this experience even easier and more enjoyable. I will also probably check out the rest of the apps you mentioned, and see how they work out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This post was so helpful! I am always looking for ways to better myself and stay organized. The apps mentioned in this post all sound like great ways to make self-improvements. The DayOneApp is something I can relate to because I used to keep a journal of my thoughts and daily activities and I found that it was really refreshing and allowed me to really get to know myself. I’ll have to download it and give it a try. Another app that stood out to me in this post is the “Happier” app. I strongly agree that it is crucial in one’s life to find happiness in the smaller moments, so you can really appreciate the bigger moments. “Happier” is an app I will definitely be downloading. Thanks for such a informative post!

  5. I really enjoyed this post and have gone ahead and downloaded the DayOneApp. Thank you for the recommendation. Every person has their own forms of managing stress, mine personally being reading and writing. Hopefully this will help facilitate that. I will make a note to download the other app and give them a try, particularly MyFitnessPal as I constantly find myself without the motivation to exercise.

    My personal recommendation is to always throw in a travel app, try the Lonely Planet app. Nothing well help a person improve themselves more than new experiences and knowledge gained about themselves and other places. The best way to foster this growth is with travel. Open a page on Lonely Planet and inspire yourself to go somewhere. Having a rough day, browse a guide to the Himalayas and daydream.

    Thank you again for your post. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Hi Danilo, Thanks for your reply and especially for your recommendation! I totally agree that the “lonely planet” app will fits really good in this blogpost. It’s also good to hear that you like the other applications and I hope the fitness app will help you.

  6. This post is great! You always hear people talking how they want to improve themselves physically, mentally, socially, and so on. Not many people are aware of the vast amount of apps that could help improve any issue they’re experiencing. It’s also great to spread word of this because not many people want to reach out to another person for help, so creating an app can be a way to keep one’s insecurities to themselves. I know I hate asking people for help, so these apps could definitely be useful to me!

  7. I love this post a lot! I like that not all of them are about productivity, but also about relaxing too! The power of apps is definitely growing, and the ability for people to make their own is as well. One app that wasn’t mentioned that I particularly enjoy is the Elevate app. It takes about five minutes a day, and it helps improve your memory! The more I absorb from textbooks and lectures, I find my short-term memory might as well be run over by an eighteen-wheeler. This app helps a lot with that, and I highly recommend it! Great post to help improve the lives of busy students, well done!

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