5 Helpful Internship Tips


Do you want to be the best intern possible? Check out the list below for some helpful tips!

Be the best dressed intern: As stressful as interviews may be, the first impression is crucial to how the rest of the interview may go. If you present yourself in an appropriate, clean, and classy way, the interviewer will view you as a respectable advocate for the position you are applying for. After researching the atmosphere of the company, choose whether business professional or business casual is the right choice when dressing for your interview. 

If the answer is business professional consider this:

Ladies: Black or navy suit (either skirt or pant suit), closed-toed black or navy heels/flats (depending on color of suit), solid color dress shirt underneath, hair styled, and clean nails.

Men- black or navy suit, tie, dark dress shoes, white dress shirt, and clean shaven.

If the answer is business casual consider this:

Ladies- black/navy dress pants or skirt, dress (appropriate length), flowy top (avoid too much skin showing), and heels or flats.

Men- Black or khaki pants, dress shirt, sports coat, and dark shoes.

Have a good attitude: Even if the work you’re doing is not exactly what you want to do, you want your employers to think that you’re loving every second of this opportunity. Also, displaying a happy attitude makes people more likely to want to work with you! Always have a smile and be willing to take on any task given to you.


Network whenever possible: The goal when you intern with a company is to start networking. Internships open the door to countless events, employees, or companies that are in the area. It is a smart idea to network in order to get your name out there. The more people see you and recognize your name, the more you will be considered for a position you might want. I know from personal experience, speaking to employees I met and making good impressions helped me network later. Of course, do not socialize with fellow professionals how you would with your friends. Make sure you think about what you are saying. Network whenever you can because you never know who it may be.  

Be Flexible: Every organization works differently. One of the best ways to make the most out of your internship is to be flexible. The idea of flexibility is to be able to do projects differently than you normally do. This specifically applies to students that have not had an internship before. If you are use to classes and schooling, starting an internship can be a new transition. It is important to be open minded and adapt to how the organization works.



Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up: As an intern it can be scary to speak up if you have ideas or questions. However, an internship is supposed to be a learning experience. It is important to ask questions regarding the project you’re working on. If you have a creative idea or input, speak up! The company liked you enough to hire you as an intern, you should feel comfortable to speak and give good insight. You never know, they may like the idea and how great would that feel? Don’t be afraid and let your voice be heard.

Do you have an internship this semester? Are you going to complete an internship before graduating? Let us know below!

-Erin Fouhy, Sarah Garner, Caitlin Rodermund, and Megan Suggs.