How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Watercolor Free Printable_aca175bc-d541-4816-833f-edc8d03db7deSo we all know that Valentine’s Day was created in order to make single people feel even more single (how rude). However, being single Valentine’s Day can be fun. Valentine’s Day is advertised as the holiday of love with giant teddy bears, heart shaped everything, and a dozen roses. Whether you spend this Valentine’s Day binge watching Netflix, enjoying your single 20’s, or going on a tinder date, read below to learn how to embrace Valentine’s Day and be your own Valentine.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, have a girls night in with your friends. You can rent a Redbox, buy a bottle of wine (or three), and order pizza. You do not have to go out to eat and run into the countless amount of couples on dates. We all know restaurants use this holiday to entice couples to choose their romantic venue to eat. However, this tactic actually works. There will be restaurants with long waits and reservations. But you are lucky because you can avoid the chaos and stay at home, while enjoying some delicious garlic crust pizza. And let’s be honest… you would rather be in a relationship with pizza than a boy anyways.

largeLet’s say your Valentine’s Day circumstances are worse and all of your girlfriends have plans. That’s okay. Sometimes it is nice after a long, crazy week to have some free time to aimlessly binge watch a television show. There are so many options from Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, Scandal, and the list goes on. You can buy yourself a heart shaped box of chocolates and enjoy a relaxing night off. Bonus: you do not have to buy a gift for a significant other. For the past two weeks, stores have strategically placed their Valentine’s Day gifts at the front. Ranging from the little kid who has to buy his or her classmates Valentine’s Day cards or the boyfriend who has to buy that giant teddy bear she has been wanting since Christmas. Just like restaurants, stores capitalize on this holiday in order to get more money from their customers. But do not worry because you do not have to be one of those shoppers. You will be relaxing in your comfy bed excited to watch the next episode of your new favorite TV show.

Lastly, if you are single and ready to mingle February 14th is your night. You can get a few of your single friends and have a night on the town. It will not matter that it’s Valentine’s Day because you are having too much fun dancing the night away.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Comment below!

-Erin Fouhy, Sarah Garner, Caitlin Rodermund, and Megan Suggs.

2 thoughts on “How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

  1. Slightly disappointed to read this article and not find a mention of any Valentine’s Day marketing directed towards the single crowd. I thought it was going to be an analysis of the strategy behind the movie “How to Be Single” being released Valentine’s day weekend. Instead, there seems to be a skirting of any marketing analysis happening.

    • Hey Alexandra!

      We are sorry to have disappointed you with our “how to be single” article. It was more of a “how to” column than of the events happening for single people on Valentines. It was directed towards how advertising is geared towards couples and not singles in a way. But thank you so much for your insight! It is always appreciated.

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