Plan a Super Bomb Super Bowl Party

It’s that time of year again! Are you hosting a party for Super Bowl 50? Well these tips will help you create a super BOMB Super Bowl party that your guests are sure to enjoy.


  1. Provide a great menu: Everyone loves a good Rotel or 7 Layer Dip. They also love hearty burger, or hearty casserole to compliment an assortment of awesome side dishes. Create a menu of what you would like to serve and split it up by time. For example, pretzels for the pre-grame, wings or nachos for the first quarter, main entrees closer to half time,  and desert around the end of the third quarter.veggiefootball
  2. Entertain guests before kickoff with some fun filled football themed games: Chances are your guests will begin arriving before the game begins. While snacking on these pre-game snacks, get everyone socializing with one of the various football related games you can find online and print. There are plenty games such as mascot matching, trivia, and commercial or foot ball bingo. There are also games such as potato chip on the nose, or a football toss.super-bowl-bingo
  3. Always remember, Pinterest is your best friend: We all know the theme of the party is Super Bowl 50, but boost the excitement with some fun decorations. Make it a family affair and get everyone involved.forks
  4.  Have fun and enjoy: Make sure you do not stress yourself out with planning and executing your event. The main event is the big game, not whether the football cookies actually look like footballs. Everyone just wants good food and football, so sit back, relax and good luck to your team.