Plan a Super Bomb Super Bowl Party

It’s that time of year again! Are you hosting a party for Super Bowl 50? Well these tips will help you create a super BOMB Super Bowl party that your guests are sure to enjoy.


  1. Provide a great menu: Everyone loves a good Rotel or 7 Layer Dip. They also love hearty burger, or hearty casserole to compliment an assortment of awesome side dishes. Create a menu of what you would like to serve and split it up by time. For example, pretzels for the pre-grame, wings or nachos for the first quarter, main entrees closer to half time,  and desert around the end of the third quarter.veggiefootball
  2. Entertain guests before kickoff with some fun filled football themed games: Chances are your guests will begin arriving before the game begins. While snacking on these pre-game snacks, get everyone socializing with one of the various football related games you can find online and print. There are plenty games such as mascot matching, trivia, and commercial or foot ball bingo. There are also games such as potato chip on the nose, or a football toss.super-bowl-bingo
  3. Always remember, Pinterest is your best friend: We all know the theme of the party is Super Bowl 50, but boost the excitement with some fun decorations. Make it a family affair and get everyone involved.forks
  4.  Have fun and enjoy: Make sure you do not stress yourself out with planning and executing your event. The main event is the big game, not whether the football cookies actually look like footballs. Everyone just wants good food and football, so sit back, relax and good luck to your team.

17 thoughts on “Plan a Super Bomb Super Bowl Party

  1. What is the IMC connection to hosting a party? Is there a connection? Could you have narrowed down the focus to the larger Super Bowl parties and how the restaurants/clubs are advertising and branding for their events?

  2. I love this post about how to plan a fun party for the Super Bowl! (Go Panthers!) I agree that Pinterest is your best friend for finding ideas on how to get creative for the party. Ironically I have those tin cans painted the same way from a party we threw the past two years for the super bowl to hold our utensils! Another fun creative idea to do is to take crackers add cheese and pepperonis cut them into the shape of a football and creating the seams of the football using ranch dressing!

  3. I really like the idea of having Super Bowl themed games before the actual game. It’s something that I think my friends would appreciate and it would make for a good activity for people to get to know each other and start conversations!

  4. I loved the suggestions and will be using them for this fast approaching Sunday night! All your ideas are easy, simple, quick and not to mention cute! I’m glad that you posted pictures as ideas and mentioned playing games before the kickoff because that is always my favorite part (besides hosting and halftime)! Thank you for the helpful hints. Great job!

  5. I think that it is a great idea to have a menu set up with a time frame. In the past, my super bowl parties have usually left me with leftovers for days. Creating a schedule would ensure that everyone eats a little bit of everything. The games are a great idea! I usually have my guest play corn hole. Great Job!

  6. I never thought about different courses throughout the game so this will definitely help me if I throw a party. That’s a very interesting way of looking at it. And pinterest is always a go to for themed parties to help get ideas! The games are really smart as well!

  7. I love these ideas for a super bowl party! Spacing the food out based on the timing of the game is an excellent idea to avoid everyone filling up at once. Using Pinterest is also a great go to for any type of party planning, I’m sure they have tons of super bowl party ideas!

  8. I really enjoyed this blog post! Especially the part about spacing the food out. I normally sit everything out at once and then things get cold or everyone feels up really fast leaving a ton of left overs. I would just advise that you are extra cautious when writing a blog and make sure all words are spelled correctly. Sometimes it helps to get a second pair of eyes.

  9. Hi! I really love this idea about the activities to plan for a Superbowl party. Card games are my favorite so you can never go wrong with a good round of multiple solitaire. Pinterest is your best friend whenever you are designing something! Making cute football decorations just makes the room look fun. Great ideas in all!

  10. The Superbowl is one of my favorite days! This is the first year that I will actually be hosting a Super Bowl party and I’ve been absolutely clueless. How can you entertain guests during the quarter breaks? Thanks for the fun food ideas! I will definitely be searching up and down through Pinterest.

  11. Great post! I like how you said Pinterest is your best friend. I find everything on Pinterest! I think the biggest help is to not get stressed out and have fun. Go Panthers!

  12. I enjoyed reading this blog because the social aspect of the super bowl is definitely my favorite part of the game. Some people like to watch for the commercials or the game, but being with friends and eating great food is my favorite part.

  13. When it comes to football, the Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year. And with these helpful hints, your Super Bowl 50 party can be the event of the year too! I think getting as much preparation work done as you can before hand is important, so then the morning of the game you are not stressing out. Pinterest really does come in clutch when it comes to decorations. From football themed center pieces to themed drinks, there is something to fit everyone’s level of craftiness. Having activities planned to do before the game starts is also a great idea. I never would have thought about that. At the end of the day, try to keep in mind that watching the Super Bowl should be about being with good friends, eating good food, and watching some good football!

  14. These are all such great ideas, especially the veggie football! My friends always have me make my famous cheese dip and having that would make for a healthy alternative instead of chips if you’re not trying to feel too guilty about all of the rest of the food you eat during the Super Bowl party!

  15. I love the idea of how you arranged the veggies into a football. I think that that is a great idea for an appetizer for everyone to snack on before the final meal! And its healthy..:) I think having a fun game is a great idea to keep the guests entertained before the game! That keeps the stress off of you, the host, to keep them entertained.

  16. I really enjoyed this post. As someone who is hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend these tips are sure to come in handy. I especially liked the one about playing a football related game before the game interesting. I think it will help in breaking the ice before the game.

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