Border Your Boundaries


Why are there so many students who would like to study abroad but so few that actually go? The answer could be as simple as not knowing where to start. Or would you just love to discover and learn new things about other cultures? These are just a couple of the reasons why UNCW organizes Intercultural Week every year. It is a week full of exciting events, such as films, performances, panel discussions, lectures and an abundance of delicious international food!

 Throughout the Communication Studies discipline, one thing we discuss the most is how to apply our learning inside of the classroom to every day life. Not only does this apply to COM students, it applies to everyone. If you’re a Foreign Language major or even an International Business major, come use what you know and communicate with some of the most interesting and cultured people!

One of our blog members Pauline is an international student (Communication Studies) from the Netherlands that applies her learning from there, over here in the United States on a regular basis. “Going abroad for the semester is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. For me, taking courses I love and improving my English are not the only things that drive me to actually follow this dream. Learning to live in a new culture and meeting so many people from all around the world makes this fairytale complete. I would recommend this experience to everybody, especially the COM-students!”

 I Week will start this Saturday January 30th. Below you will find a short preview that includes highlights for each day. For a more detailed version including times and locations, follow the link –>

Saturday, January 30– 23rd Annual Intercultural Festival

Monday, February 1– Ca$h Cab, Music from around the World, and Masquerades

Tuesday, February 2– Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Professionalism Around the World, ACE International Cinema: Slow West, and An Evening with Roxane Gay

Wednesday, February 3- A Trip Down ‘de’ Islands, Fun with Arabic, Affordable Education Abroad Information Session, The C° / F° Reading Series, A Transnational Dialogue between Latin America and the North, and UNCW vs. Puerto Rico Women’s Soccer

Thursday, February 4– Global Café and When the Incas met the Spanish

Friday, February 5– MyStand Mentor Training and Crimson Peak

If you are interested in different cultures and getting to know new and noteworthy people, then go ahead, join I Week and celebrate the rich diversity found in Wilmington and the UNCW community!

– Addison, Sloane & Pauline


10 thoughts on “Border Your Boundaries

  1. I went to the intercultural festival! I had much more fun than I thought because there were so many people from different countries, and they explained me about their countries and cultures. I’m from South Korea, and I had little chance to experience various cultures. So, it made me thrilled and satisfied.

    • Hi Jiah, good to hear that you had a great time! Did you also host a table or had you just visited the Intercultural Festival? If you liked this, maybe you will be interested in some other activities this week.

  2. I will definitely be attending some of these events! I would agree that international and intercultural experiences are crucial to being an effective communicator. With the right kind of marketing I think these events could be successful in providing many students of all majors with an enriching an enjoyable experience.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post just because I am a believer of studying abroad. I am here studying in the US for now 3 years and am having an amazing time and great experiences. It is super important to study abroad once in your life just to be outside the comfort zone, and to experience another culture as a young adult. You learn so incredibly much in different countries, and learning another language should be a priority! Not only will it expand your cultural knowledge, but studying abroad will also change your perspectives, and yourself! You will become stronger, smarter, and much more! YAY TO STUDYING ABROAD!!!

    • Hi Amaya, always good to hear from other international students! I agree that a study abroad experience is definitely an added-value. May I ask where you’re from?

  4. I am a believer of studying abroad! I am currently studying abroad at UNCW. I’ve been here for 3 years and can only recommend going somewhere else to study for a while. I think it is important to do things outside the comfort zone, and going to another country is definitely it! Learning another language is always important and fun, and using it in a country is even more exciting.
    It looks great on your resume to have lived somewhere else. It will expand your cultural knowledge and understanding, it will make you stronger as a person, and studying abroad will also increase the level of confidence.
    Yay to studying abroad!

  5. I think it is a great that UNCW organizes Intercultural Week every year, because it allows every student the opportunity to engage in events that teach us about other countries and cultures. Studying abroad may be scary for some students, so this is a great way for students interested in other cultures to learn a lot from the comfort of their school. As COM majors, it is especially beneficial for us to go to these events so we can practice becoming cosmopolitan communicators.

    • Hi Clare, I totally agree with your point that this is even more important for COM majors. However, in today’s digital society I think it will be more and more important for all the students.

  6. Having also participated in the intercultural festival, having hosted the Australian booth, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that student exchange and studying abroad is an invaluable experience. I, along with my fellow Australians, spent the day informing Americans and others about both the benefits of studying abroad and visiting Australia. So few students participate in exchange programs and more events like the intercultural festival should be held to foster participation in such an amazing experience.

    Well done for having the courage to come from the Netherlands and a none-English speaking background. That takes courage.

    • Hi Danilo, thanks for your response and great to heard you had hosted a table at the festival! Besides hosting you own table, did you also take a look at the tables of other countries?

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