And We Just Keep Pounding

super bowl 50

As we begin the week let’s take a moment to reflect on what happened over the weekend. It is a great day to be a Carolinian as The Carolina Panthers have won the NFC Championship. The Panthers are headed to San Francisco, CA to face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. This will be the Panthers second Super Bowl appearance in the franchise’s history. What better way to top off their 15-1 season than with a dominating 49-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals last night.

With the Super Bowl comes what? Advertisements…and many of them. For many people, myself included, the advertisements are almost as anticipated as the game itself. CBS will be broadcasting this year’s big game and the asking price for a 30 second time slot is $5 million. On average, these much sought out spots increase in price by 11.1% each year.

This year, as sports fans celebrate 50 years of Super Bowl, CBS and the advertising community will also be celebrating 50 years of great commercials. CBS has recently announced that two events will air prior to the big-game for the sole purpose of showing the advertisements. “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2016” will show the top 50 greatest commercials in the history of Super Bowl, with a big reveal of “the best” commercial being that night during the live event. “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials All-Star Countdown” will show sneak peeks some of the most highly anticipated ads. The audience will have the opportunity to get involved as they will  vote for the best commercial in the first program which will air February 2nd at 8pm. “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials All-Star” will air on February 6th and 8pm as well.
In such a media saturated world, integrated marketing and advertising are essential components in creating brand awareness among the target audience. For football fans, the Super Bowl game is their excitement. They wait all year for this event, planning where they will go, who they will invite, and what food will they have. In the world of advertising, it’s not the game that excites, but the 30 seconds of fame that are strategically planned, diligently created, and perfectly executed by companies that work all year and spend a pretty penny for this one day every February. So, the time has come for us to see what new commercial Budweiser has created to tug at our hearts once again. I’m ready to see what Super Bowl 2016 has in store.

– Madeline, Sydney, Sydney and Tiersa

10 thoughts on “And We Just Keep Pounding

  1. I’m definitely excited for this year’s Superbowl and am keeping my fingers crossed for a Panther’s victory. I do find it interesting that half of what people are excited to watch is not the game but the advertisements. I was unaware that CBS is making a big event of commercial countdowns with a big unveiling of the best commercial, but I am not surprised. Great analysis and I can’t wait to see what the Superbowl has in store as well!

  2. This is a very exciting event, and the anticipation is very high. For the game, but also to see what commercial was “the best”. This event will me the opportunity to put my critical thinking skills to test in the realm of IMC. I will ask myself questions like, “Why is this commercial the best?” “How did it scream out the brand?” “Did the sound have any significant impact?”, or “Was the TV ‘spot’ just really well placed?”. I will use this upcoming experience to challenge my conceptual knowledge of IMC, as well as, enjoy the history that is being made!

  3. It is amazing to me how big of a hit the commercials for the Super Bowl always turn out to be. You would think that in a game of the magnitude the commercials would be overlooked. I think it is really cool that the companies that buy time to air ads make stories or funny commercials that they know people will be talking about the next. As much as I enjoy the game (especially this year #KeepPounding) I always look forward to the commercials as well.

  4. As a North Carolinian for 11 years now, I’m absolutely thrilled that the panthers are on going to the Super Bowl! #KEEPPOUNDING. I am also, like all super bowl watchers, a huge fan of the funny and creative commercials that come along with it. They really do create strong brand awareness. There are many commercials that I automatically think of when I think of certain brands now. However, I wasn’t aware of these commercial events before hand, so now I’m even more excited!

  5. The difference between the football fans and the world of advertisers is distinct yet at the same time related. I myself tune in to NFL Sunday every week but I’m also the first to admit that the football component is not the only part of Super Bowl Sunday that I look forward to. Defining a prime opportunity for advertisement is one of the main components of successful marketing and providers such as CBS don’t overlook this judging on the price you explained they charge for just thirty seconds!

  6. As an avid NFL fan, the Super Bowl is one of the greatest sources of entertainment for me. I personally feel the Super Bowl commercials of old were much better than in recent years. Because of this, I completely understand how CBS can charge as much as they do per advertisement during the most watched televised event in America, as well as their incentive to try new methods to make the commercials just as big of an event as the game itself.

  7. I’m an international student from France and I’m so excited to see my first Super Bowl game ! I will enjoy watching the game but I will also analyse this huge phenomenon as my point of view of communication student. It could be interesting to wonder why a lot of brands want to appear in this game and how they prepare their commercials for this event.

  8. One of the sports that I dislike with all of my heart is football. I was born in Uzbekistan and we never had that sport there, so when I moved to the United States I never understood the point of it. However, when it comes to Super Bowl, I get excited as much as everyone else because of all the advertisements and just people getting so hyped about it. Suddenly, I become a fan too and and always cheer for a Panthers’ victory, even though I have no clue what happens on the field when they play. However, it is insane how on average, the spots for commercials to show during the break increase in price by 11.1% each year. It shows how marketing and advertising during Super Bowl is very essential and just makes a big difference for the companies.

  9. I am not a huge fan of football so a big part of why I watch the Superbowl is for the funny advertisements. I was completely unaware that CBS was going to show the Superbowl’s greatest commercials as an event but I will definitely be looking for it now. I wonder if the rankings will be bias towards which company spends the most for advertising?

  10. As a longtime Panthers fan, I am absolutely ecstatic about the super bowl. But more than that, as someone who loves clever commercials, I am also excited to see that very special time of the year when advertisers go that extra mile and try to make their commercials actually entertaining for once. I love that super bowl commercials have such an influence put on entertainment value. I wish more advertising companies were take up such an approach. Every year I look forward to see what the geniuses working for Doritos and Geico will come up with.

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