Love of place.

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I am not always the most decisive, but I know what I like and what I don’t like. This was 100% true when it came to college tours. I knew that I did not like Appalachian State University, it’s beautiful, but way too cold for me. I knew I didn’t want to stay in Charlotte, too close to home, I wanted something new, and I knew I wanted a school with a football team.

Well… What I didn’t know then, was how the future could change so ironically.

Shortly after I decided I would never go to ASU, I started dating the love of my life who had already sent his acceptance to the only school he applied to. Now I drive 5 ½ hours at least once a month to visit him at APP state. I love it there.

It’s been three and a half years since I moved away from Charlotte, and after being away from family for so long I can’t see myself staying this far away. So in May I am moving back to my parents house (temporarily, no rent=whoop whoop) and trying to find a job in the Queen City. I love it there too.


Lastly.  I spent all 4 years at UNCW so you can obviously see how that last one turned out… But I still love it here.

There were plenty of other things I didn’t know back then either. I didn’t know that my grades were going to be twice as good in college as compared to high school. I didn’t know that it would monsoon rain in the fall, and only when you are on Chancellor’s walk. I didn’t know that I was going to meet some of the most amazing friends I could ask for. I didn’t know that I would get to live on Wrightsville Beach as a senior. I didn’t know how I would change so much. And I didn’t know how fast it would all pass.


I love Wilmington, and UNCW, and the COM department, but I can’t stay forever and this is when I leave it. Even though I can’t come back for the football games, it will always be my school and one of my favorite places.


What I don’t know now is what exactly the future holds for me. What I will say a year from now is “I didn’t know how much I would miss it all.”

-Lexie Trimnal