4.5 hours: Home, 4.5 years: Graduation

The past 4 1/2 years have been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m glad it all worked out though, considering I never even visited UNCW before orientation. Almost everyone from my high school goes to Appalachian State University, so I wanted a different experience. UNCW provided that and more. I got the full experience from living in Galloway to getting hit by people on bikes and long boards, Beach Blast to the beach bars, and most importantly Islands. Oh yeah, I got a pretty good education too!


Before moving to Wilmington, I knew someone who previously went through the Communication Studies program and she recommended the major to me. After looking into it, and honestly not knowing specifically what I wanted to do, I thought that Communication Studies would provide me with the best all-around knowledge to be successful. Once I got through COM 105 and 200, I was finally able to decide that I wanted to concentrate on advertising. I did a few sales internships the past two summers selling ad space. They provided me with some good experience putting my communication skills to work. I’m thankful to have taken so many classes with Dr. Persuit, because I feel that she really prepares her students for what we are going to do. I’m lucky to have been a part of Pier601 Creative with Dr. Persuit and Dr. Bolduc this semester. Since I had experience working with clients selling them advertising, I wanted to get experience on the back end of the transaction by helping them create content.

I have met some great people and enjoyed my time at UNCW, but I can’t wait to graduate and see what is next. I plan to get a job in either Hickory or Charlotte and apply what I have learned. Thanks to everyone who has made my experience one to remember! Go Seahawks!

– Nick Bolick