A Twist on Seafood

Do you love trying new and exotic foods? When you hear the words “raw fish” do you run for the hills or scream yum? If your answer was run for the hills… we bet you haven’t tried Wilmington’s only Panamanian restaurant, Ceviche’s.


As college students we don’t often get the chance to try new foods or experience other cultures through their cuisine. Thankfully Ceviche’s allows this experience without weighing too heavily on your wallet. It may not seem like your typical comfort food, but trying new things can add a wonderful new dimension to your life. And who knows, you may fall in love with it!


Ceviche’s is a relatively new restaurant in Wilmington, NC. It is located just before the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge, in a cute little yellow and green shack. The small building creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere- the perfect setting for a beach town. Owned by the Tiblier couple, they wanted to bring the feel of Central American (specifically Panamanian) food to Wrightsville Beach. The owners had the opportunity to live and experience Panama, taking surfing and fishing trips to the Pacific and Atlantic, they stick to the foods they know: Panamanian diet with ceviche, plantains, tropical fruits, and more!

11855660_1654981721384115_8410897693814372787_nCeviche owners, neither of which had prior restaurant experience, took to Facebook once they began the development of the restaurant. In the preliminary stages, their followers got to see behind-the-scenes photos of the construction and formation of the bar. They revealed a “menu preview” and even featured their first customer who ordered a red sangria on their opening night. This social media strategy engaged followers and potential customers, while creating anticipation for the new Panamanian-style restaurant. Their social media page continues to update followers on daily specials and “daily catches”, shares pictures of tasty dishes, and features customers enjoying their meals.

This restaurant incorporates such variety in creating the culture, directly correlating to bricolage. Bricolage is something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things. Bricolage makes this restaurant unique and fun to experience. So… if you want some diversity in your menu and overall restaurant experience, go check out Ceviche’s!

Visit their website here: http://wbceviche.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myceviches/


-Jonathan Callahan, Erin Fouhy, Julia George, Joseph Hines, and Sarah Suggs