Hot, Fast, Cheap, and Local

Otherwise known as a flaming success, the Flaming Amy’s brand has made quite the name for itself in Wilmington. The Amy’s family enterprise offers two diverse dining experiences under one brand. The Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn is housed in an actual barn shaped building offering an eclectic and funky vibe with its sticker covered windows and doors and mismatched frames  lining the walls. But if Tex-Mex isn’t your thing, no worries! You can head on over to the Burrito Barn’s sister and enjoy a taste of non-traditional Mongolian stir fry at Flaming Amy’s Bowl.


The Bowl and Barn share more than just their laid back and liberal atmospheres. Since they opened their doors in 2000 the two restaurants have garnered fans and local awards, with the Burrito Barn even making it as one of 64 contenders in FiveThirtyEight’s “Search for America’s Best Burrito.” Self-proclaimed as “hot, fast, cheap and easy,” the family behind the Amy’s enterprise has successfully marketed their brand to the local community.The Wilmington community in turn has responded by becoming an active part of their IMC strategy. Locals are quick to send any visitors or newcomers in town in the direction of either Flaming Amy’s restaurant,  implementing word of mouth marketing to  increase the already well known brand.

Diners enjoy lunch at Flaming Amy's Bowl in Wilmington, NC on Sunday, July 13, 2014. Copyright 2014 Jason Barnette Flaming Amy's Bowl is locally-owned by Amy and Jay Muxworthy. It is an Asian stir fry restaurant with an emphasis on friendly staff, great cooks, and a comfortable atmosphere.

And in the word of the Flaming Amy brand itself:

“Always remember and never forget… EAT AT FLAMING AMY’S!”

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is a type of marketing that is the most ethical and one of the most valuable ways a company can market. WOMM allows customers to have a voice which in turn will give the company an opportunity to listen to customer’s needs and realize that a happy customer is their greatest endorsement. Conversation creation is a marketing tactic that companies use to gain people’s attention, this can be done through interesting or fun advertisements, catchphrases or emails.  Flaming Amy’s utilizes conversation creation through their FAB and Eat at Flaming Amy’s stickers. These stickers can be seen throughout the Wilmington community; on cars, laptops, notebooks and other items you would put a sticker. Conversation creation marketing targets a small group of people which will then influence a large group of people. This type of marketing is an inexpensive way that can produce big results.


The Flaming Amy’s Brand has successfully created a loyal audience and customer base with it’s marketing communication efforts. We have all seen the stickers all over town, and it’s always exciting.

By Aki Suzuki, Carrie Poniewaz, Carey Shetterley, Lexie Trimnal, June Wilkinson