A Thai and Vietnamese Creation

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Although it’s only in Wilmington, NC, once you step through the doors of Indochine Restaurant you are transformed into a Vietnamese wonderland.  Guarding the front entrance, a 6-foot golden statue of Buddha welcomes the guests that come to dine.  Statues, paintings, and nicknacks line the walls of the interior of the restaurant, all collected by the restaurants owners during their many travels throughout Asia.

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The true enchantment begins when you pass through the back doors into the garden. With just over an acre, the Bartsch family has created a Vietnamese-inspired garden that will leave you speechless.  From koi ponds to individual tiki-huts for guests to dine in, the garden is a true transformation to a new “far east” destination.

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After opening its doors in 2001, Indochine quickly became one of Wilmington’s most popular attractions.  Voted Encore’s Best Restaurant Overall for over 15 years, each visit to Indochine is a handcrafted experience.  On top of a beautiful atmosphere, the cuisine only enhances the experience.  Staying local and true to Thai culture, each dish is freshly prepared based on family recipes.

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Indochine has built a brand based on every factor of the dining experience.  Atmosphere, service, and cuisine are just a few examples of where the Indochine staff focuses their attention to ensure every guest is experiencing a true taste of Vietnam.  Staying true to culture is very important to the owners and doing so has allowed them to build a strong brand awareness in the Wilmington community.

Based solely on word of mouth marketing, Indochine relies heavily on their reputation.  Through their success it is clear that staying true to culture and providing the very best experience to the customer is vital in surviving in the restaurant business.  Although the owners choose not to advertise in the community, Indochine is a name we all recognize and has become a staple in Wilmington culture.

25 thoughts on “A Thai and Vietnamese Creation

  1. I’ve never been to Indochine, but I always hear great things about it whenever it’s brought up. The pictures used in this post definitely illustrate the uniqueness of this restaurant and add to all the positive things mentioned about this place.

  2. Great post!
    Indochine is one of my favorite restaurants in Wilmington. NC. When you arrive to the restaurant you do not expect the environment it provides. I completely agree that Indochine has built its brand on its atmosphere because of the few times I have eaten there. Indochine is unlike any other Thai restaurant I have ever eaten at before. I did not know there was an outside garden part to the building because I have only eaten there for a late dinner. That does not surprise me and it makes me love Indochine that much more! It is definitely a place that one either loves or does not like at all.

  3. Awesome post about Indochine! I have never been there myself but have heard many positive things said about it. I had no idea that there were gardens to roam in the “back yard” of the restaurant. I will definitely have to check this place out. Thanks for giving detailed insight on the place.

  4. I was just asking my friend the other day about where I is a nice place that I could take m girlfriend out for dinner that is not outrageously expensive but has a nice “date night” feel to it. he said that Indochine was the perfect place to go. Great atmosphere great food and great service, he said I can not go wrong. I look forward to taking her there on Friday night.

  5. Internet connection at the library is being strange however I just wanted to make sure that my first post actually made it through. I just mentioned how I had heard of this place through word of mouth and am actually planning on going there friday night. I am sure that it will meet expectations

  6. It is interesting to see that Indochine is so popular and successful without using any advertising around town. It is refreshing because in today’s culture it seems that every company is coming at you at all angles, and it can be overwhelming. It is nice to see that Indochine is achieving such a high level of local support as well as national recognition. It goes to show the true power of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing brought them customers and popularity in the town which then got brought to a larger audience’s attention by being voted Encore’s Best Restaurant for 15 years. I have never been to Indochine but I plan on going!

  7. While I have only been to Indochine once in my life, it really was a memorable one-of-a-kind experience. When people visit Wilmington, they often ask me if there is a unique local place to eat, and I almost always suggest Indochine. I, too, am taking part in the word of mouth marketing and contributing to the restaurant’s brand. I have never really given much thought as to how the restaurant became so popular, but I am beginning to realize that Wilmington natives are passionate about their food and help contribute to the brand. There is something really special about Indochine! They should keep doing what they are doing.

  8. This sounds like a very delicious and unique dining experience! The pictures describing the restaurant look beautiful! This does sound like Wilmington’s hidden gems. I will have to look up where this restaurant is, and also bring a camera for the gorgeous gardens. Has the owners thought about using apps such as trip advisor or yelp as means of getting it’s great service out into the social media world? Facebook, maybe?

  9. This is one of the most authentic Thai places i have been. Not only is the food and experience but just being in this establishment is an experience as well. As a whole this place is going to get even bigger simply because of all the Word of Mouth Marketing that is happening all over the city.

  10. I am so glad someone finally wrote an article on one of my favorite restaurants not only in Wilmington, but one that I have ever been to. Indochine is not only a restaurant, it is an asian cultural experience! Great write up!

  11. When I came to wilmington my freshman year Indochine was the first restaurant that people suggested. While it is true that their advertising is minimal, they have an awesome reputation which allows them to survive off of word of mouth marketing. I still have never been but its definitely a place I want to experience before I graduate.

  12. As soon as I saw this post I knew I was going to comment on this one! This is my all time favorite restaurant and I actually go there so much that I get greeted with a “welcome back” by one of the waiters. This was a great post and it represented Indochine perfectly. I always tell people it’s not just the food that’s great, the service is awesome and the overall experience is even better. I highly encourage everyone to sit outside, it is absolutely beautiful and it does make you feel like you are in Thailand or Vietnam. I also encourage other’s to read the story on the inside of the menu, it shows that this is not only authentic food, but the owner took inspiration from his family and wanted everyone to experience this sense of nostalgia for him.They fully rely on buzz marketing in every way! They maintain a wonderful reputation and because of that, that’s why there is almost always a 45-60 minute wait.

  13. Wow this looks really interesting. I will definitely have to check it out. I’ve always been very fascinated with different cultural foods and hearing about this is exciting. I traveled to Japan last October and was absolutely blown away at the absurdly high quality and content of the meals that were prepared for me during my stay. I look forward to checking this place out. Thanks for posting.

  14. The atmosphere and authenticity of this restaurant is definitely captured in the blog through the use of the pictures and rhetoric. It’s easy to see that they can rely solely on word-of-mouth marketing due to its high quality.

  15. This was a very interesting read and cannot wait to one day try this restaurant out. I have been a transfer student here for two years and learning everyday that Wilmington has so much out there to offer. I was especially brought into this restaurant through its design and staying to Vietnamese culture. Places like this are what I enjoy going to, especially when it means learning and experiencing new places. I especially enjoy the idea that the owners did not use appropriation, to make it a Vietnamese restaurant and then Americanize it.

  16. Indochine has been one of my favorite restaurants in Wilmington since I can remember! It was awesome to get another person’s perspective on the beautiful, unique environment that the restaurant creates. I also enjoyed getting to know more about the family and the history behind this Wilmington staple! The article provided a brilliant description of the ambiance, cuisine, and overall story behind the restaurant. The photos were also beautiful and gave a great glimpse at the creative details! I think I might just have to pay them a visit this weekend!

  17. I love the photos you included with your blog post, they were bright and made me hungry and want to dine at Indochine. I also think it is very truthful when you say that Indochine only uses word of mouth marketing. When I first came to Wilmington my parents asked around where a good place to eat would be and many people said Indochine would be a good spot. There were no billboards or flyers for the restaurant but that almost made it seem more authentic than any other place.

  18. Indochine is my absolute favorite restaurant! I get the same thing every time. One entree feeds me for 3 meals and it is definitely worth the money! When I get an extra $15 I treat myself to Indochine to-go and it is the highlight of my month! I could eat there every day! I have never had a bad experience there. The outside is so beautiful and the inside is as well, it makes you feel like you are in another country!

  19. OMG. I loveeee Indochine. I have yet to dine in at the restaurant, just carry out, but reading this really makes me excited and want to go! I also did not realize how popular the place was, and that it was a known Wilmington must see/go. I am so glad I saw this article, because I now know what I am doing for dinner.

  20. Indochine is right down the street from where I live, and I feel like no matter what time of day it is the parking lot is always decently full. They are a prime example of a place that is advertised by word of mouth succeeding, and they have such good food and a beautiful environment to eat it in.

  21. I loved how you brought attention to a place that can often be overlooked. I actually went there recently for the first time and got to experience it all. I liked how you covered all areas of the place: the decorations (out front – inside), food choices and the overall feel of the place. For people who have not been there, this is a great article to come across. I also loved seeing you include IMC turns such as “brand,” it felt relatable to me because I myself am in IMC! Overall, great article.

  22. Indochine is one of my family’s favorite places to have dinner in Wilmington. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is great as well. The only downside to this restaurant is how busy it always is and the wait to get into the dining area. However I’m sure many would agree that the experience of dining here is worth the wait. Indochine is definitely successful in quality and service and this will most likely continue this success into their future.

  23. I absolutely love Thai food, and I also absolutely love Indochine. Although I never know how to pronounce it; is it Indo-CHEEN or Indo- CHINe like China? I’ve heard it both ways, but regardless, their food is amazing. I went there not too long ago, and I am always very impressed by the portion sizes. I always have a meal for the next day which is great. I used to work at a Thai restaurant back home (USVI) called Rhumb Lines and we created a similar Thai/ Vietnamese vibes, and our food was described as “Caribbean-infused Thai.” We had some similar to dishes to Indochine, and it always reminds me of home and when I used to work there.

  24. I love Indochine and a lot of the qualities that this article says the restaurant has I agree with! Although it’s really good, I do find it to be a little bit on the pricey side, but I never regret going there!

  25. I have never been to this restaurant before, but when I read your post, I was intrigued! It looks so beautiful, and I never knew it even existed! I do like that you noted that it stays true to Thai traditions, because I think especially now, a lot of Asian food is so American-ized that it’s not even Asian any longer. There’s this awesome Chinese place back where I live, and it’s one of my favorites because the food is so authentic, like this place sounds! I’ll definitely have to check it out sometime!

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