The ‘One Tree Hill’ Gang

This past year, Wilmington was home to two exclusive One Tree Hill reunions, where the TV show once took place. Hundreds people came out to interact and reminisce with their favorite characters from the show. Commuters traveled from all over the nation and even overseas to Wilmington for the three-day event. Tickets started at $35 and increased up to $795 for a VIP experience. Fans who were willing to pay these high amounts obviously have a deep connection with the show or the characters.


However, this is not surprising. Cultivation theory tell us that high frequency viewers of television are more susceptible to media messages and the belief that they are real and valid. We can understand the One Tree Hill phenomena as it was one TV’s most popular shows for eight years. The viewers create a strong bond to the show and the actors that portray the characters.


Brands that cultivate a culture around their product and are able to build a lasting relationship with their consumers. The creators of One Tree Hill are able to continue the brand without producing a product. This benefits not only the show, but allows consumers to identify and participate with a culture that shares their common interests.

What other brands have cultivated their image to go beyond their product?

– Nick, Melanie, Mary & Patrick