Fuzzy Image on TealTV

Last Friday, TealTV — UNCW’s student-ran television program organization — aired this year’s first episodes of Seahawk Central News, a program informing students of news going on around campus. According to their YouTube channel, the four-video episode gathered about 250 views. This number is nothing compared to the 569 views the organization received for their latest episode of “Dub after Dark,” a more light-hearted, funny segment.

TealTV not only specializes in news coverage. They have produced a sit-com and have featured pieces along with their news coverage. However, these less-newsy materials (like “Dub after Dark”) have drawn in more viewers than their flagship show, Seahawk Central News. The difference in viewership could be attributed to the image their social media outlets portray.

The organization’s Instagram is filled with behind-the-scenes photos and colorful promotions, different from the usual photo and link to the story one would see from a news organization. The juxtaposition of a news organization posting photos of that nature may deter potential news viewers. Students may search TealTV’s social media outlets looking for news coverage or breaking news, but, unfortunately that content is not there.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.28.46 AM

Separating the images of the segments within TealTV’s lineup may help drive specific viewers to their website and YouTube page. While their brand is strong, they may not be reaching the viewers they intend to.  

Take a look TealTV’s social media pages (@uncwtealtv); do they have an image problem?  

– Nick, Melanie, Mary & Patrick


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