(A)Broadening Your Horizons

10156134_880936395269873_65763143285790249_nThe study abroad program is one of the leading assets provided through majors at UNCW. Students and faculty/staff can take advantage of the chance to study in a foreign country. The university does a wonderful job promoting this opportunity given to all. Through the use of IMC with the Study Abroad Ambassadors, the program continues to grow each semester.

According to the Institute of International Education 290,000 university students studied abroad for academic credit in 2012-2013. At UNCW, more than 500 programs in over 50 countries are offered, with many academic majors requiring students to gain credits abroad.

Similar to other universities with enrichment programs, UNC Wilmington allows study abroad returnees, who are passionate about their experiences, to join the Study Abroad Ambassador program. Ambassadors assist the Office of International Programs with promoting and marketing their study abroad experiences through on-campus events and social media portals.

Walking down Chancellors can be chaotic for most students and faculty members. Many ignore organizations passing out pamphlets and stickers to never noticing the chalk from Wag to Randall. The variety of outlets the Study Abroad Ambassadors utilize to promote opportunities helps reach a broader audience.

  • Study Abroad Fair
  • On-Campus Tabling
  • Banners
  • Intercultural Festival
  • Pre-Departure Organization
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Individual Meetings/Guest Speaker Events

The Ambassadors at UNC Wilmington are passionate about study abroad programs and helping others gain access to any information, making dreams of studying abroad become a reality. The Study Abroad Fair and the Intercultural Festival are two prime examples of promotional events with on-campus marketing techniques. The Ambassadors who attend these events significantly contribute to the brand of the program. They generate content for various on-campus events and serve as a face for the organization. Through their donation of time, they add credibility to the organization, showing fellow students their passion for the program. Walk into Fisher Student Center or Randall and notice organizations tabling? Most student organizations at UNC Wilmington use that technique to market their purpose and mission. The study abroad program uses Ambassadors to promote the idea of traveling across the world, from freshman to seniors.

Recently, the Office of International Programs released the Study Abroad Online Magazine– containing pictures and testimonies from Ambassadors and study abroad returnees. Offering easy access to information and keeping up-to-date with today’s marketing techniques. Similar to other on-campus organizations, the study abroad program has up-to-date social media accounts. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, students and faculty/staff are informed on informational sessions, scholarship opportunities, and photo contests.

-Jonathan Callahan, Erin Fouhy, Julia George, Joseph Hines, and Sarah Suggs