Unclear With No Fear

When I came to UNCW I was the definition of undecided.  Growing up, whenever I was asked in school what my “dream job” was I never had an answer.  Sure, I had passions including media, music, and history but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to peruse or how I would do it. One thing I never doubted was how much I enjoyed learning and experiencing new things. This is why I never let the fact that I didn’t have a future plan cemented hold me back.

While at UNCW, I have had truly amazing experiences both academically and personally. In both the Communication Studies major and History minor I have had amazing teachers who challenged me to think in new ways.  Also, through taking part in the Honors program here at UNCW I have had the opportunity to work on a undergraduate research project and take a trip to DC all while making friends that I am sure will be a part of my life forever.

One of the greatest opportunities that I had while at UNCW was the chance to study abroad in Swansea, Wales. Prior to my six months there I had never even left the country. If you would have told Freshman Olivia that she would have the opportunity to travel to six countries in two weeks on a bus she would have said you were crazy. During my time abroad, I grew in ways as a person that I never could have predicted and gained a confidence I never had before.

(Neath Abbey in Wales)

4 years later, with graduation just weeks away, I am honestly still slightly undecided about what I want to do with my life. I am leaning towards working in the field of live entertainment, whether that be through promotion, marketing, or event planning or going to graduate school.  However, no matter what field I end up going into I know my experiences at UNCW and specifically the COM Department will help me to succeed!

-Olivia Sadler