Goodbye isn’t Easy, but Neither is College

Fifteen days. That’s how many days I have left until I graduate from college. It hasn’t really sunk it yet and it probably won’t until just before Dr. Olsen calls my name out and I walk across the stage. I love school and I have always loved school, and to think it will be over in 15 short days is hard for me to process.

Everybody has different college experiences. When I was a Transfer to Teal Guide, I always gave the same piece of advice on tours to all of the potential Seahawks: your college experience is what YOU make of it. At the end of my senior year I can happily say that I took my own advice and made my college experience exactly what I wanted.  I have great friends, the best roommate (love you A) and a major that I love. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UNCW, and there are several people and organizations that made my experience that much more memorable.


I would like to thank all of my professors, especially the ones in the Department of Communication Studies, that have contributed to my personal and educational growth. Dr. Persuit, I have taken five classes with you plus my Directed Individual Study. You have contributed the most to my degree concentration in IMC and Public Relations. Thank you for your guidance, humor, and overall attitude and outlook on life. Kaitlyn, thank you for being in my group in Applied Quantitative Research Methods and for the friendship that was formed in that class.

Being involved and meeting new people has always excited me. I am thankful for everybody I met and became friends with during my time as a Transfer to Teal Guide, Leadership Engagement Guide, Induction Chair of Lambda Pi Eta, Advertising Chair of Schwoodstock, and Pier601 Creative. I gained so much guidance and wisdom from each leadership position and it was an honor to serve each one.


I would be partially lying if I said that I was excited to graduate. While I am excited to graduate, I am not quite as excited about turning college into a memory. The friendships, experience, and knowledge that I gained here at UNCW will go with me as I continue on my life journey. UNCW and the COM Studies Department has shaped, developed, and prepared me for life after college and I am ready to charge forward and launch myself into the next parts of my life.

Seahawk pride forever.

-Anna Joy Zima