“Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying” -Brian Dyson

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As a transfer student at UNCW, it took me a while to get comfortable with the university atmosphere. I was just a small town kid doing anything possible to leave a two-stoplight town and experience life at the beach. Honestly, I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue, if I’d be able to find a job, and I wasn’t confident in my ability to perform at a university level. Through searching for jobs, catching up on courses I lacked, and connecting with current students, I stumbled upon the Communication Studies Department. For the first time in my college career I was excited about the subject I was studying and the classes I attended.

When you think of senior year only the positive images come to mind; reminiscing on college memories, finding ‘real’ jobs, and, of course, sappy social media posts. Sadly, the truth is that the real world is bit vicious when compared to the previous images. However, no one prepared me for the next stage of my life as Dr. Persuit has. There is something about her gentle reminder “you’re smart, figure it out” that made me understand failure isn’t really an option. Through all the failed attempts and lessons learned, the Communication Studies Department has instilled confidence in my ability to succeed in the ‘real world’ that once seemed so vicious. I wish all of you the best in your future professions, graduate school programs, or whatever life holds in store, and I hope everyone has benefited from the COM program as much as I have!

Colby Cummings

5 thoughts on ““Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying” -Brian Dyson

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I could relate because I am a transfer student as well! I had no clue what major I wanted to pursue and I just kept changing my mind each semester. I am so glad to have decided on the communication studies department as well. I think we are all a little scared when we think about the real world and trying to find a job!

  2. While I am not a transfer student, I had the same mentality coming in as a freshman. I just wanted the experience and figured everything else would just come naturally. Of course I was wrong and wasted two year attempting to get a degree in something I did not enjoy. Thankfully I came to my sense and found the COM department. After taking my first class as Pre-Com I knew i was where I was supposed to be.

  3. I am a transfer student from a very small town also so I can totally relate to that! I always knew that I wanted to do something in communication, but still am not 100% sure yet but I wish you the best of luck with graduating and all your future endeavors! Dr. Persuit is a great professor and has helped me as well think more seriously in what I want to pursue! I wish you the best in the future fellow com studies comrade.

  4. I will be graduating in December and we definitely have the same view on what the real world is like and what college wasn’t helping me do to prepare. I myself have found a home in the Communication Studies Department and feel much better about where I stand after graduation. I agree that Dr. Persuit has helped me see that I truly can do what I set my mind too. She’s has helped me look at tasks in a practical manner and I appreciate that she really makes you give an honest effort first. I hope that you succeed in all you try and even when you make a mistake, learn from it and fix it and then move on. Good luck to you!!!

  5. I also came in as a transfer student my Sophomore year, so I can relate to you as well. I had never been to Wilmington before I came for the transfer student orientation and on top of that I had to come alone. This campus and the professors, COM studies especially, gave me motivation and hope for the future. I was not excited about school until I finally started taking COM classes. I didn’t realize that this is what I wanted until I randomly came across the major. Good Luck!

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