Chase the Dream

Only a few more days left of classes, a few final presentations, and only two final tests stand in my way. On May 9th, I will graduate from UNCW with a degree in Communication Studies and as a student-athlete. A lot changes in four years. I remember walking into the suites on move-in day just as clearly as I remember turning in Dr. Olsen’s RP2 project. The journey seemed to drag on with no end in sight freshman and sophomore year, but once you hit junior and senior year you know you are onto the final lap. Luckily for me, I was able to recover from a poor freshman year and a not so perfect sophomore year, but I hope every underclassman reading this can understand the importance of each and every assignment.

Yes, I will be graduating in 17 days. Am I ready? No, when you have make the type of friends that I have made, with other students that kept showing up in the same courses that I was taking semester after semester, you aren’t ready to say goodbye when it is time to leave. The time is coming to say goodbye, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years at UNCW and I wouldn’t have wanted my college career to go in any other way.

You will always remember the important things that you experienced and accomplished in your four years as a Communication Studies Student, especially if you ever have to write a final senior blog post. My one piece of advice is to enjoy every experience, learn from every mistake, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, and grow both intellectually and in character. So as I prepare to start my next chapter in my journey, I will not forget where I came from, the people I will be friends with forever, nor the incredible professors that helped me get to this race’s finish line.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of my life these past four years. I couldn’t have done it without you.

–Chase Seymour

3 thoughts on “Chase the Dream

  1. I like your post because I feel the same way about graduating. I think it is honest that you admit you’re not ready, because most people are not, but some are afraid to admit it. I really like your writing and wish you good luck in your future!

  2. I enjoy this post because it admits that you are not ready to leave but are PREPARED to leave. I will be graduating next December and I already feel this way. The Com department has gone above and beyond to prepare me for the real world but I am not ready to leave this great university. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors and glad to see that you wont be forgetting the great opportunities this university has given you and all of us!

  3. Chase,
    I loved your post about graduating because I feel the exact same way. It never has to really be goodbye and we will never forget the amazing memories we have all made here at UNCW. Life should never be taken for granted or under appreciated because it really does fly by faster than any freshman thinks when coming to school. I have been in school for four years and it feels just like yesterday that I was at my UNCW orientation picking out my first classes here. It is SO important to enjoy every little thing in life because in the end, it’s the smallest things that we remember the most.

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