Top 5 Worst Local Ads

Happy Friday! To brighten up everyone’s week, we compiled a list of our top five worst local ads out there.


This Georgia car credit ad is bad example of trying to keep up with youthful trends.


This advertisement for a local mall in Missouri tries to incorporate a catchy jingle into their poorly produced ad.


These mechanics seem to know how to use Jib-Jab for their commercials.


This commercial from Durham, North Carolina plays a little bit too strongly on southern stereotypes.


This commercial is actually so horrible that it’s amazing. Hats off to you, Chuck.

Which one do you think these ads are the worst? Do you have any other local ads that leave you cringing?

– Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadler & Patrick Wagner

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Local Ads

  1. I have to say that I think the worst commercial is the MacDaddy one. It amazes me that people think that these commercials will actually bring in customers. Is it a creative tactic to try to get people to remember the commercial? I do not know of anyone who would take these companies seriously and actually buy its products. These commercials do not have any credibility and I can’t imagine many people being loyal customers.

  2. I think the worst ad is the last one about taxidermy with Chuck. The last thing said was “Chuck Testa does not taxidermize pets,” makes the advertisement even more unpleasant to think about your family pet being taxidermized. First of all, the topic of the advertisement is unappealing and when I think of taxidermy of animals that are people’s home are trashy and disgraceful. The second reasons why it is the worst ad is because of Chuck. In the commercial he is unpresentable by not having any thought into his attire. Then, the quality of the advertisement is poor and cheesy by having the words “nope!” “Ship to me anywhere!” flash in front for emphasis. Also, the part of the advertisement when there is a bear in the girl’s bed and then Chuck appears next to her seems to be inappropriate. Overall, I think the whole advertisement is unattractive and unmarketable to the audience that are wanting animals taxidermized.

  3. Well, unfortunately I can never un-see those. I am going to have to agree that the MacDaddy commercial is the worst. It plays off of every cliche it can and is just a mess. The pie in the face at the end is so random and ridiculous (besides just being unnecessary). Most of the other commercials are at least semi-aware the humor is coming from the sheer ridiculousness of how they are. This one seemed to be just plain bad while trying to be serious. The Taxidermist was, in my opinion, actually quite funny in a “so-bad-it’s-good” kind of way. Overall, these are incredibly cringe worthy.

  4. Wow. All these ads are so bad it’s hard to pick a worst one. The MacDaddy commercial is terrible though. How does a business expect consumers to trust their brand with ads like those? It was almost frustrating to go through and watch the five videos.

  5. I found these advertisements incredibly entertaining. There was a tie between the East Hills mall commercial, and the commercial with the turkey at the car lot, for worst commercial on the list. Both of these commercials were poorly produced, and poorly executed. East Hills mall had a creative idea, but the vocals didn’t blend well, making it kind of painful to watch, and listen to. Although the majority of these commercials would annoy me if they aired in Wilmington, sometimes poorly produced commercials can become a local favorite on TV. I’ve lived in Wilmington for most of my life, and the jingle for the Cape Fear Fair and Expo is something I sing with my friends during the fall, and even though the jingle isn’t super creative, it’s become nostalgic. I think there is a fine line between silly, and just plain dumb, and local commercials are notorious for teetering on that line.

  6. I honestly couldn’t even finish the mall one. It was so bad. I really like how the ones that took place in the south really embraced their culture through hunting turkey and taxidermy. Sometimes I wonder if people make these commercials this bad on purpose to try and get some attention. well they got our attention but it’s not good. I don’t think i could ever step foot in that mall.

  7. All of these advertisements are pretty awful. I think the one that is the worst of them all is ad number 2, the automotive group ad. This is just insulting to anyone who takes firearm safety seriously, and southerners in general. We don’t need to see car sales people waving guns around in a circle and firing at third brand new cars. I’m sure they were attempting to be funny but they came off as rediculous and inappropriate instead. I’m sure they insulted a number of people. I doubt that is the image that are wanting to portray, but that’s how the commercial appealed to me.

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