Why Drive When You Can Fly?

For this week’s theme of local advertising, we wanted to focus on the Fly ILM campaign. One key rule in advertising is to “know your audience.” These Wilmington Airport commercials definitely target locals who travel by car to the Raleigh-Durham Airport instead of flying directly from Wilmington.

Check out both advertisements below.

It’s no secret that the trip down I-40 is contender for Most Boring Drive. Have you ever driven down I-40 and felt like it would never end? I’m sure most people who have traveled the straight, flat road can relate to the boredom that the voiceover in the second commercial conveys. This campaign is particularly effective, because it hits home for most people who live in Wilmington and would like to avoid the monotony of I-40. It evokes the feelings associated with the topic, and sends a clear message to those who feel that way.

What do you think of their “Why Drive When You Can Fly?” campaign? Does it make you want to skip the drive, and Fly ILM?

-Mallory Brayman, Kelli Hall, Morgan McCleaf