Michelle: awkward and bald or strategic and purposeful?

So since we’re on the subject of political advertisements I thought we might go ahead and tackle the question of; what is up with Michelle Obama’s head? There has been a huge buzz across social media about her recent appearance on Jeopardy, where she looks bald.

As part of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, she has made several advertisements as well as appearances in order to support the cause. The latest being her appearance on Jeopardy. But many were distracted by her apparent lack of hair. Twitter blew up with people questioning what was going on with her new do.obama

As soon as I saw Obama’s bald head floating around the internet, her turn up video immediately came to mind. As you might expect, the first lady dancing awkwardly with a vegetable was a huge hit on social media as well. In the past, politicians and celebrities alike have done ridiculous things in order to gain publicity and get people talking about them or their cause. Remember bald Britney Spears? Yeah, I’m still trying to forget too.

Now my question to you is:

Was this just a bad hairdo coupled with misfortunate lighting? Or is it cleverly thought out hairdo and lighting, created to insight talk about Obama and her campaign.

The same could be said about Obama’s Turn up advertisement. Is Obama simply promoting her campaign with a popular tune? Or is she purposely dancing that awkwardly to incite social media uproar.  Either way, I found it hilarious.

What do y’all think?

Social media genious? …Or awkward fail?

-Jill, Spencer, James

One thought on “Michelle: awkward and bald or strategic and purposeful?

  1. This is the first time I have seen this picture of Michelle or heard about it, and I find it quite humorous actually. But, I do find it odd though that a women her age and the first lady as well is trying to gain publicity in a slightly awkward manner. I do hope that her hair issue had to do with a bad hair day and misfortunate lighting. As for her turn up advertisement, nothing less of an awkward fail.

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