Dancing with the Stars

Happy spring everyone! Today is the first day of spring and with this comes one of the most highly anticipated sports events of the year, March Madness. In recents years, over 181 million people have watched the games and even with the steady decline of attendance in D-1 basketball over the past 7 years, the March Madness championship is able to curb the average.

Since all eyes are on the tournament, brands and companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to advertise. In the last decade, 266 marketers have spent more than $5.9 billion in advertising during March Madness. One unfamiliar brand advertising during the tournament this year is the National Basketball Association.

The NBA will debut their “The Dance Never Ends” campaign on Monday, March 23. The campaign features NBA all-stars such as Stephen Curry, Tim Duncan and James Harden. These players are significant to the campaign because they were once in the tournament spotlight. Players such as Curry were able to use the tournament to make a name for themselves.

The commercial shows the players making a highlight play in their typical NBA attire then changing to the jerseys the once wore in college. The campaign will feature the commercial and print ads. Keep a lookout for the commercial starting Monday.

So, how does your bracket look so far? Will you be dancing until the end?

– Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadler & Patrick Wagner