Spring is Here, and Beach Season is Around the Corner!

Spring has arrived and thus 2015 kicks off its start to warm weather. The weather change doesn’t just make people want to go outside and relax or take the boat out, but it’s a crucial time for advertisement. The on and off seasons hit close to home since Wilmington is a coast side city, tourist location, and has multiple beaches. Spring kicks of Wrightsville beach’s overdrive time to bring in tourists and ultimately money to survive the desolate winter months. Billboards for the numerous hotels and resorts can be seen lining I-40 and highway 74 miles before you even get into Wilmington. Tourist spots all across Wilmington and even Carolina beach implement billboards and air time to promote themselves, and it seems a bit monotonous over the years, and yet the beaches are packed the moment its gets over 70. It seems as though something else is in play when it comes to popular tourist attractions.

Do natural tourists havens really have to try as hard to attract people over the summer? It would appear that businesses can almost slack off or not be as creative to promote their brand and still be booked until October. Some places do cut their rates in the off-season, Blockade Runner goes from up to $300 a week to around $129 during the winter months. Living in Wilmington it may be difficult to specifically take note of all the advertisement these businesses do, but it seems like they stick to a basic routine and it serves them well.

Is it just us or do beach side tourist locations have to try at all to keep the lights on?

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-Spencer, Jill, James.