ETEAL Exploration Day

Today, our COM 438 class is hosting a campus-wide event to promote the applied learning opportunities in each department at UNCW! We designed banners to hang on Chancellor’s Walk, flyers to distribute, and set up QR codes for each table in order to make today as interactive as possible!

This was a unique opportunity for our class to take what we have learned and execute it.


ETEAL Exploration Day is today, Wednesday March 18th, from 10-2. There will be tables in every academic building on campus, and there will be people at each table who can tell you more about specific applied learning opportunities in that department. If you’re on the UNCW campus today, stop by a few tables and check it!

-Mallory Brayman, Kelli Hall, Morgan McCleaf

3 thoughts on “ETEAL Exploration Day

  1. Congratulations Dr. Persuit and the COM 438 class on a successful event today! I’m hoping to participate in this class within the next year and learn the ins and outs of pulling off an event such as this. This event will get people talking and inquiring more about ETEAL and hopefully will continue to help students make the most out of their education. Well done all!

  2. The banners on Chancellor’s look incredible – congrats! Also, I think more organizations should use QR codes because they are so interactive and generally provide benefits for whoever is scanning. QR codes are going to be a big thing, and I think they have been a great way to promote E-Teal!

  3. I think this is an awesome idea and I am so glad you guys are doing this for the school as opposed to just seniors, in their second semester, that are actively looking for a job. In your first few years of college, I think it a lot of times gets lost that college is preparing you for the outside world. If you are not constantly learning how to apply your academic learning to your day to day life then college has been useless in a way. For example my first two years in college, I did not think at all about applying academic information to the outside world, all I was focused on was getting an A in the class. Exercises like these in my opinion encourage a student to have the correct mindset about school.

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