Family Friendly or Spring Break Worthy?

Each year, thousands of college students travel to various cities for spring break. While some destinations are more popular than others, students love any chance to travel somewhere new. Unfortunately, some destinations have bad reputations that makes vacationers wish they had just stayed home instead. Coed is a blog that posts a yearly list called “America’s Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations”. This year Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was ranked number 3 on the list. That’s appealing to college students, but the city of Myrtle Beach doesn’t think it’s too impressive for it’s branding.


The city of Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation spot and has many attractions that are family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. The list posted by Coed harms their brand image overall because Myrtle Beach doesn’t want to only be known as a spring break spot, but as a family destination. This negative publicity goes against the brand image of being a fun and friendly place to vacation. On their website, the city of Myrtle Beach boasts about tons of restaurants, attractions, events, and festivals–none of which include typical spring break activities.

Myrtle Beach is experiencing a brand crisis. They want to to have a broad target audience so that they appeal to all types of people. However, within the city, various restaurants and venues are advertising themselves to specific target audiences, such as college students or young adults. In order to improve their overall brand image, the city needs to work with the businesses’ in city in order to create one overall brand cohesiveness.

How else can Myrtle Beach combat their title as number three on the “America’s Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destination”?

-Anna Joy Zima, Hannah Rodgers, Kaitlyn Russell