Sandals Resorts

Have you started thinking about a vacation for this summer? Perhaps advertisements for luxurious beach resorts have motivated you to explore these resorts as an option for vacation. Sandals Resorts is one of the most popular resort brands, and it’s a pretty recognizable one too. The commercials are instantly recognizable, like the one below, set to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” Images of couples on beautiful beaches with crystal blue water flash across the screen.

The first Sandals resort opened in 1981, and since then has won multiple awards from prestigious travel websites, like TripAdvisor and World Travel Awards, just to name a few. You can view the extensive list of awards here. What’s interesting about their advertising is that they choose not to focus on these awards, but instead they focus on the all-inclusive luxury aspect. They are serious about luxury being included. Guests don’t have to pay for additional amenities, as they would have to most at most other resorts.

For a business to have won so many awards, it might seem odd at first that they wouldn’t showcase these in their advertising. However, the fact they choose to center their advertisements around the elements of their brand that have earned them all of these awards, like quality and luxury, definitely speaks the strength of their brand. They are doing a great job with their advertising, because they don’t have to advertise the awards they’ve won in order to remain a successful business.

-Mallory Brayman, Kelli Hall, Morgan McCleaf