Haiti launches ad campaign to encourage Americans to vacation there

Vacation and tourism advertising is no stranger to the American market, but they typically are of luxurious and tropical escapes. Last month, though, Haiti launched its first ever television advertising campaign that is targeted specifically to Americans, encouraging the market to visit their country.


As traditional tourism advertising is generally centered around an already present tourism location, Haiti took a different approach. Using the message of “Haiti: Experience It!” the country is targeting Americans to visit the area in an attempt to revamp its economy and promote the accommodations it has to offer as opposed to the negative perceptions some may have, such as the state of the country since its earthquake or the fact that it’s not a vacation-prone location.

By launching the campaign towards a specific intended audience, Haiti is searching for consumers of a particular demographic. According to the Associated Press, the commercial has been in the works with Northern cable companies in the New York and New Jersey areas. Liaisons in these states are running social media accounts, such as the one seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.45.00 PM

Utilizing a common Public Relations and Advertising strategy of “come see for yourself,” the government is tackling the issue of its poor country and inviting consumers to experience the uniqueness of their country. Haiti has a YouTube channel aimed at sharing content on the country, encouraging visitors to “Come visit Haiti” and “Come Experience Haiti.” Additionally, their government website features its history, culture, and nature–all  inviting certain demographics to see the country firsthand.

Do you think this campaign is effective?

6 thoughts on “Haiti launches ad campaign to encourage Americans to vacation there

  1. I honestly find this very encouraging and a good step in the right direction for Haiti. Not only are they wanting to fix their economy but they are taking it into their won hands by taking the necessary steps to reach out and help fix their economy. Tourism is a major economy export that helps fuel a lot of income for a country. By Haiti constructing the resorts and making the commercials hoping to create interest and business, especially by it being directed at Americans is a step in the right direction. And in my opinion, as long as they keep marketing themselves like this I think it will only benefit them in the end.

  2. This is the first I am hearing of the Haiti campaign to bring American tourists. I have only known people who go to Haiti with churches for mission trips. I also have a friend who moved here from Haiti who tells me all of the time how thankful he is to live in America. This makes me wonder how much unfair labor is being put into the areas where they are inviting Americans to come visit. It is a good idea to help boot the Haitian economy, but I have doubts that it will be effective. Haiti is not as safe of a country as other beach destinations. Especially for family travel, or honey-moons. I hope that this campaign works, but as I said, it doesn’t seem to likely.

  3. Although I really can’t speak to whether or not this is an effective campaign, I will say that I commend this particular marketing tactic. Tourism, when done right, has the potential to produce incredible results. I appreciate that Haiti is working to rebrand themselves, while continuing to embrace the native culture. I am afraid this beckoning of travelers will cause a shift in the availability of natural resources due to the over-consupmtion of goods, and a general disrespect for the land. It’s interesting how they are targeting New Yorkers here. It really makes me curious to know how the majority of people living in the region view Americans, and more specifically, how they view the people of New York. My guess would be that there is a general idea that people living in New York have money to spend on travel. This topic is definitely something I want to research in more detail. Interesting post for sure!

  4. I think that promoting Haiti as a vacation destination is an awesome idea to stimulate the economy after its crisis in 2010. It’s really cool that America is also trying to help them by promoting them in the media. It shows the world how countries can come together and help eachother out using technology and media which is something that hasn’t been able to happen before this generation. The video did a fantastic job at pointing out the different aspects that Haiti has to offer to a vacationer. The only thing I found kind of odd was at the end of the video the lady goes somewhat randomly throws in the phrase “it’s safe,” but without adding how and then the video ends. Other than that promoting Haiti as a vacation spot is a great idea.

  5. I think this is really interesting. The video was definitely effective, as it has me rethinking possible spring break 2016 plans. This may have some great benefits to Haiti and its economy. I am excited to see how their new aim at tourism effects them in the long run.

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