Red Bull Puts the Extreme in Extreme Sports

Red Bull and extreme sports go hand in hand. If you look at any of Red Bull’s social media platforms like Twitter or YouTube you will see an assortment of videos ranging from board sports like skating and surfing to more obscure sports like ice cross. Red Bull doesn’t shy away from showcasing dangerous stunts. They like to take extreme to a whole new level by trying new things through various sports platforms like riding a motorcycle on a roller coaster.

Red Bull isn’t afraid to sponsor adrenaline junkies as they attempt dangerous stunts with no guarantee that they will make it out alive. For example, on February 3rd, 2015 Red Bull sponsored Will Gadd’s historical climb up frozen Niagara Falls. Fortunately this event was a success, but over the course of Red Bull history there have been six known fatalities in the filming of Red Bull extreme sports pictures.

Most of the videos on their channel have nothing to do with the actual energy drink and if it wasn’t for their logo plastered as a sponsor on the equipment it would look like a regular extreme sports video.

Despite the ambiguous factor of what Red Bull actually is, it seems like the perfect partnership for both parties involved. Red Bull provides opportunities for extreme athletes to do what they love, while gaining original marketing material in the process. Despite the danger and uncertainty that comes along with being in an extreme sports market Red Bull has decided the possible risks are worth it.

-Kelli Hall, Mallory Brayman, Morgan McCleaf