Is Australia effective or just plain wrong?

I’m sure that many of you have seen this commercial before. And if you haven’t, I’m warning you… it is graphic. It went viral for a little while last year, some calling it hilarious and others appalling. Either way, it will leave you saying “well, that escalated quickly.” Check it out:

Although it is still up for debate whether that commercial is effective or disturbing, it is interesting to compare this to the PSA’s we send youth in the United States. It is safe to say that they are slightly more tame than the ad you viewed above. Take this LeBron James stay in school PSA for example.

Which do you think is more effective on teens? Statistics paired with celebrities, or a fun road trip paired with sudden explosives? Let us know what you think!\

-Spencer Brenes, James Cronberger, Jill Jardine

One thought on “Is Australia effective or just plain wrong?

  1. I definitely found this commercial to be more disturbing than effective. The scene was set to be very carefree and stress free until unexpectedly the kids start to explode. I feel like this commercial was very far fetched and went a little to far with the over exaggeration and missed the whole meaning of what they are trying to say. Whereas the commercial with LeBron James it’s clear what point he is making and him talking about his own personal experiences and facts it become a more personal and relatable feel.

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