Who is the Most Fashionable City?

It is no secret that America is a culture that values commodities. As a country we are constantly updating to the newest form of technology and fashion. For example, as soon as a new iPhone is released, an older model phone suddenly becomes inadequate. America is ranked third by Insider Monkey on the list of technologically advanced countries, and in 2014 New York City took first place in the rankings of fashionable cities determined through the Global Language Monitor. The rankings are determined by tracking buzzwords associated with fashion all around the world. We wanted to see where these fashion trends originated, so we compiled a list of top designer to see where they originated and how they fit in with Global Language Monitor’s results.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.13 PM

Burberry – Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Calvin Klein- New York City

Chanel- Paris, France

Dior- Paris, France

DKNY – New York City

Gucci- Florence, Italy

Kate Spade- New York City

Prada – Milan, Italy

Valentino – Rome, Italy

Vera Wang – New York City

Fashion is one of the top markets in the world, but its primary form of advertising is discreater than most other commodities. Fashion advertisements, especially for designer brands, take place in magazines. These advertisements fit in with the context of the magazines, so it doesn’t stand out as an advertisement. Outside of magazine advertisements, fashion trends and designers are spread through word of mouth marketing. Whether it’s between friends or through a celebrity statement about what they are wearing, it’s typically a hot topic of discussion. Designer brands have an element of exclusivity that other industries don’t have. For example, celebrities and pop-culture figures are always in attendance at fashion week. Since celebrities and pop-culture is looked up to in our society the trends being showcased at fashion week tend to catch on quickly. It’s hard to tell which city is the leader in the fashion industry through observation, but it is clear America, France, and Italy will continue to compete to be the most fashionable country in the world.

-Kelli Hall, Mallory Brayman, Morgan McCleaf