There’s Nothing Like Australia

Happy Monday readers!

We hope everyone enjoyed watching Neil Patrick Harris and the Oscars last night. Congratulations to Birdman for winning best picture! Anyways, moving forward. Have you ever traveled abroad to a different country and looked around at the advertising around you? We know that many of us travel to go on adventures and move away from our televisions, cell phones, and clutter of advertising that surrounds us at home, but think about it; If you have traveled, didn’t you realize that the advertising was actually quite different?! This brings us to our topic of the week. International advertising.

Picture us in Australia. If you have been there before than consider yourself a lucky person. It’s beautiful. Australia is a very unique country and continent when it comes to its advertisements and media.  What’s so unique? If you have visited Australia, then you may have noticed that there is no advertising for cigarettes. Well that’s normal for us here in America too, but Australia hasn’t had any sort of smoking commercial since 1965, when all cigarette advertising was banned. Fifty years has gone by, and now Australia has finally allowed anti-smoking commercials to be aired.

Announced on The Guardian , in 2012 Australia became the world’s first country to regulate packaging laws on their cigarettes. Cigarette boxes now contain a very vulgar picture of a disease that is caused by smoking with the brand name at the bottom in small letters. Cigarette companies tried suing, but failed against the federal government. Now the cigarette companies have to deal with billboards and anti-smoking commercials, which have the potential to ruin purchasing habits and crush business overall.

Australia decided to air anti-smoking commercials and change the packaging, hoping to decrease smoking rates in Australia. Australia’s media is subconsciously relying on George Gerbner’s Cultivation theory, which states that people, who regularly watch television in moderate to heavy amounts will ultimately believe the reality portrayed on television; therefore, Australia’s media is hoping that the vulgar and obscene commercials and images will resonate with tobacco buyers and ultimately eliminate smoking habits. The commercials are working. According to the Cancer Council NSW, smoking has decreased significantly from 24% of adults to almost 13%!

Tell us about your past travel experiences below. We would love to hear more differences in advertising while abroad.

-Colby Cummings, Connor Gold, Chase Seymour