Psalm “23”

Michael Jordan — arguably one of the best self-promoters of all time — celebrated his 52nd birthday Tuesday. Jordan has developed his name into one of the most recognizable brands in the world. As first described by Tom Peter’s article , “The Brand Called You,” we live in the age of the individual. Everything we do is a reflection of our personal brand.

Due to fact that we are all working towards our personal brand, we can understand and conceptualize the ideas of self-promotion and advertising that surrounds us. Because of our media saturated culture, we need advertising to stand out in a unique way — almost miracle-like. 1one Production is a creative production company focusing on ” architecture, orchestration, and capturing live brand experiences.” They created a self-promotion video that plays into the awareness we have of advertising.

This ad playfully compares a religious figure to a modern, self promoting celebrity. The details in the advertisement, including things like demographics and sub brands, makes the video resonate the viewer, which would most likely be another business. Also, their use of juxtaposition of a modern employee — wearing glasses and armed with coffee and cell phone in hand — along with with their reference to unions, creates a fun post-modern tone.

Whether you’re Jesus, Jordan or an average joe, we’re all trying to create a brand that is specifically our own. What are some other examples of self-promotion that stand out to you?

– Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadle & Patrick Wagner