Psalm “23”

Michael Jordan — arguably one of the best self-promoters of all time — celebrated his 52nd birthday Tuesday. Jordan has developed his name into one of the most recognizable brands in the world. As first described by Tom Peter’s article , “The Brand Called You,” we live in the age of the individual. Everything we do is a reflection of our personal brand.

Due to fact that we are all working towards our personal brand, we can understand and conceptualize the ideas of self-promotion and advertising that surrounds us. Because of our media saturated culture, we need advertising to stand out in a unique way — almost miracle-like. 1one Production is a creative production company focusing on ” architecture, orchestration, and capturing live brand experiences.” They created a self-promotion video that plays into the awareness we have of advertising.

This ad playfully compares a religious figure to a modern, self promoting celebrity. The details in the advertisement, including things like demographics and sub brands, makes the video resonate the viewer, which would most likely be another business. Also, their use of juxtaposition of a modern employee — wearing glasses and armed with coffee and cell phone in hand — along with with their reference to unions, creates a fun post-modern tone.

Whether you’re Jesus, Jordan or an average joe, we’re all trying to create a brand that is specifically our own. What are some other examples of self-promotion that stand out to you?

– Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadle & Patrick Wagner

7 thoughts on “Psalm “23”

  1. I thought this commercial advertisement was very interesting. It was humorous to see Jesus and his followers talking about marketing strategies. The only thing that might not be humorous to religious people is that Jesus was not spreading his kindness around for fame, he was spreading his love because that is what he believed in. It was not as if he and his followers came up with acts or plans to accomplish things to gain more followers. Then close to the end, the guy who the advertisement was really about pops up. Saying he can do anything to help spread awareness, and help with any kind of “impossible” stunt. They are trying to spread their company and tell people they can help through anything. Overall, I thought it was humorous and clever.

  2. I believe that one of the most common ways that people self promote themselves are through their clothing choices. It is almost unbelievable how often the type of clothing people where fits into the stereotype that has resonated around it (while there are of course those that defy stereotypes). For example, sorority girls are commonly wearing a typically feminine color, with monogrammed initials that feature their name, or the name of their sorority. This is obvious self-promotion for the person, and for the sorority. By promoting the sorority, the girl is promoting that they are most likely extroverts that have experience in being part of a group, and therefore can be self-promoting themselves as good for hiring, or for being a friend. The sorority also receives self-promotion based on the character and the reputation of the woman. As most go through a type of recruitment to become part of the sorority, the sorority has the ability to ensure that they are selecting someone who will represent them adequately. Therefore, they provide the deserving applicants with acceptance, and clothing (among much more) with the stipulation that they promote the sorority in a positive light.

    Great post, as the topic is extremely relevant, and should be discussed more outside of the marketing classroom.

  3. The biggest form of “self branding,” in my opinion, is social media. What one posts on instagram, twitter, or snapchat is all carefully considered and planned out. It is based on a system of “likes,” which are essentially the approval of one’s peers. Everyone has their own brand on social media, and it is imperative to keep up with the image one is projecting to the public, even though I assume that the brand consistency is typically not present, and the image put on social media is generally vastly different from an individual’s self “in person.” It is, at times, embarrassing and infuriating that society has come to this, but I am a player in the game – just like everyone else.

  4. The first thirty seconds of that video looked like a real movie! This video actually really reminded me of “Branded Nation” that I read in IMC 1 class with Dr. Persuit. Within the book, author James Twitchell spoke a lot about proselytizing and marketing religion, and how Christianity was actually the beginning of marketing altogether.

  5. Any time a celebrity does a commercial, even if they are paid, it’s a type of self promotion. They are endorcing a brand, which says something about the type of person they are. If they act in a commercial for cotton clothing, or organic food, that send a different message than if they were in a commercial about fur coats or cigarette. Every time someone acts in a commercial, they are not only promoting another brand, but also showing us what part of their brand is.

  6. This was definitely an interesting post. In regards to self-promotion, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on my experiences as a student growing up in the North Carolina public school system. Through this trip down memory lane, I’ve come to realize how often my teachers taught that my behavior is a direct reflection of who I am as an individual. Without using IMC terminology, my teachers, in essence, were promoting the same concepts. Concepts and ideas such as dressing for success, and coming prepared to class were highly revisited topics in school. Yes, teachers are working to cultivate the next corporate heads, but these men and women are also working to foster successful brands. And not only do we have to take into account our own personal brands, but we must realize that we continue to serve as reflections of our places of work, as well as our learning institutions. As far as this advertisement goes, for those of us who go to church, we are reflections of our places of worship. Ralph Nader was right in saying that we can only escape advertising in our sleep. Branding is everywhere, and we are branding.

  7. Self promotion that stands out to me is when people do things for humanity out of love when it can one and three people around and it would not make a difference. You have to spread love and that will grow your own brand.

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