Fake ads creating real buzz for products

It is crazy to think that fake ads can impact consumer buying choices. I guess it’s really not that hard to explain. When you look at some company’s commercials like Old Spice and Slim Jims, the flashy over the top YouTube share-able content wins every time. An article by John Brandon, Fake Ad, “Boost product interest” from Ink.com outlines just how some companies have utilized this new idea.

Sphero, a company that designs toys that allow users to control a robotic ball with a tablet or smart phone has incorporated this within the company’s marketing campaign. The fake ad titled “Sphero Peacekeeper” is a larger than life model who’s design (if you have yet to guess it) is to protect the community. The company did a great job creating this ad because the ending shows exactly what this product is for.

The ad was a success and Sphero noticed a huge increase in web traffic. the idea that people will watch a fake ad for a real product and buy it based on a false premise is a relatively new concept. These kinds of commercials use five key points to accomplish its goal according to International Management Group. First you have to avoid using icon temptations. Second, stand for something bigger. Third, be the brand you are. Fourth, be unexpectedly honest. And fifth, offer a visual reminder. I think the best depiction of this tactic can be seen from a commercial from Bluejean.com. A company that deals in video conferencing, sharing data and remote office entry.

This ad takes all five key points into consideration in the presentation of information throughout the commercial.

Let us know what you think about fake ads.

By: James, Jill, and Spencer

5 thoughts on “Fake ads creating real buzz for products

  1. It is so interesting that companies can have success with fake product. In today’s society, we love to be entertained. Any commercial or video that promotes a outrageous idea grabs the viewers attention. Even if they realize the product is fake, the company remains in mind. The company hopes this will turn into dollar signs down the road. It is just wild to see how advertising has changed over the years and how effective fake ads actually are.

  2. I think that they are not representations of what the brand is. In the second video I did not really feel like they were trying to sell or show what the brand was. It to me seemed like a “funny” 3 minute segment of just a man put in a position where he had to be two places at one time and his journey to accomplish his goal at hand. I do not really see the point of fake ads and what the essential goal for making them is especially if the watcher is not sure of what the brand or image is supposed to be detailing.

  3. I really like this concept of creating fake ads to advertise a real product. When you log into your computer, most of the time you aren’t looking to be pitched a product, you’re looking for entertainment. These ads are clever enough to do both. However, I do think the amount of time used is important. I thought the sphero peacekeeper was funny and clever but the roominator lost my attention after about a minute and a half. It definitely could have been cut down and more to-the-point.

  4. Sometimes it takes something over the top to present a product in a basic way. As in the sphere commercial, we see something that seems fantastic, something unbelievable, and it’s obvious we’re no supposed to believe it.It turns out though the the real thing is pretty cool too. Advertisers have taken the mundane it turned it into something unbelievable and fun. I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to Old Spice commercials.

  5. I love these fake advertisements these companies are releasing. I think its amazing the way some of these ads can take advantage of everything your product isn’t while also getting their product its proper recognition.

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