Coca Cola #MakeitHappy

We live in the age of technology. Our generation  has almost unlimited access to the Internet through smartphones, tablets and computers. Most people in the millennial generation  are familiar with the use of technology. Since many of us consume technology on a daily basis, information can be accessed and shared with the touch of a button; however, not all of that information is positive.

Coca Cola recognizes that and addresses this problem in their latest Super Bowl commercial, #MakeitHappy. Because of their already established ethos from being a well-known and trusted brand, they’re able to reach out to a large targeted audience. The commercial portrays individuals who are consuming negative information on the Internet, but the power of Coca Cola is used to turn this negative information into something positive to spread happiness. Utilizing a message that targets nearly all users of technology helps the brand connect directly with consumers who may face the negative effects of technology.

The goal of this advertisement isn’t to tell consumers how delicious their soda is or why they should buy it, but instead they are working to create brand awareness with their company and happiness. If Coca Cola can make other people happy, then it can make you happy too. Their focus is on creating brand awareness so that when consumers see Coke, they associate it with positivity and happiness.  In this age of technology that can easily misused, Coca Cola here is to help spread some happiness around.

This type of advertising is consist with other Coca Cola advertisements such as #AmericaisBeautiful, which has created a solid brand foundation that consumers are familiar with. By using consistency, Coca Cola is able to use their advertisements to start a conversation with its consumers.

So, How will you #MakeitHappy this year?

-Anna Joy Zima, Hannah Rodgers, Kaitlyn Russell