Sixth Time’s A Charm for Athletic Logo?

Wednesday night marked an end to a year-long process of rebranding and redesigning the athletic logo for UNCW. The design was created by Joe Bosack & Company for $26,500. The company has a long history of redesigning university logos and UNCW expects the redesign to boost merchandise sales.

Senior associate athletic director Rob Aycock claims that this new logo will be beneficial to the athletics program as a whole.“We think that this is going to be money well spent, to open up new revenue streams to better support our student athletes in the future,” Aycock explained.

This is the sixth logo for UNCW in its 68 year existence and the first redesign in 22 years. The department of athletics hopes that this new logo is more “aggressive” and “aspirational” than ones in the past. Below are the logos that have been used here at UNCW since the 1960’s.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.46.01 AM

Students and alumni sounded off on Twitter Wednesday and Thursday night, expressing their thoughts on the new logo.

Do you think the rebranding of the athletic logo is an improvement?