The Power of Perception

The Super Bowl offers companies a great opportunity that most take advantage of. It allows advertisers to appeal to a large number of potential clients, but more importantly, gives them a chance to change their brand identity, or to improve it.

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Super Bowl XLIX is going to have a power house of companies spending millions of advertising dollars to reach millions of viewers. According to the Nielson list  last year 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl, and it’s commercials. Personally, I believe the commercials are half the fun if your team is not in the running. Companies build entire campaigns around a 30 second bit, and it works. The Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday, where people everywhere get together to see which team will rise to victory, or which company is going to have the best commercial.

Some brands focus on changing perceptions consumers have during this time. They shed new light on an old product, or maybe change their usual target market. I always thought that Dove was a ladies product, from their deodorant to their hand soap. But Doves’ new commercial focus on the relationship a father has with his child. A bond that is best described as an unbreakable one, a fathers love. describes the commercial as a “tearjerker for the dads.” After I saw it I couldn’t agree more. Dove is appealing to the pathos of fathers viewing this commercial. It has a strong and clear message. The message redefines dove as a unisex product showing the real strength of men.

The commercial’s aim is to change how the consumer feels about the product, while also rebranding towards a new target market, men. I’m excited with what Dove has brought to the table and I cannot wait to see what other commercials are aired during Super Bowl XLIX. For a full list of companies advertising in this year’s Super Bowl check out