MLK Service Day: Advertising Gives Back

Every third Monday of January, millions of Americans take a break from school or work to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yesterday, America celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. for all of the progress he made during the civil rights movement.

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, MLK Day is meant to be a day of service, where we continue to pursue the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. was in search of. The organization uses advertising methods through their website and social media to encourage their target market to make this a holiday on, rather than off. Every year, hundreds of people across the United States participate in the MLK Day of Service. But how do organizations continue to reach their market and get them to participate in service projects that promote MLK day?



Hand on Networks is a non-profit organization that advocates for MLK Service Day. Advertising tactics through social media and word of mouth marketing are used to promote service by giving people tangible and realistic ways to get involved. They also report on activities and projects that are happening across the nation. By advertising on social media platforms as well as simple, yet effective word of mouth marketing, they obtain their goal to use advertising to promote and encourage others to participate.

There are many organizations that participate in MLK Service Day, such as Hands on Atlanta,  Service for Peace, Points of Light, and others. Although it’s too late to participate in MLK Service Day 2015, be on the lookout for advertisements for MLK Service Day 2016.

So, what did you do with your day on?

-Anna Joy Zima, Hannah Rodgers, Kaitlyn Russell