Stay Home on Black Friday and Still Save with Cartwheel at Target

To some people Target is just another “super store,” while to others it is a mysterious wonderland of savings that you somehow always leave with everything you didn’t need. Target has launched an app that allows customers to save even more money on all these “have-to-have-but-don’t-need” items. Target’s free Cartwheel app launched May 8, 2013. When launched, Target called the app a new “choose-your-own-offer savings experience”, unlike any other money-saving app out there.



When you first download the app you are given 16 open slots that you can fill with coupons of your choice. Savings range from 5%-60% off. The app has been widely successful since its launch and has recently launched a campaign advertising early Black Friday deals, with a strong emphasis of using the Cartwheel app.

The launch included a long list of deals throughout the season but the best way to save without leaving your house on Black Friday is using the Cartwheel app for early shopping. With Cartwheel, Target will offer fifty percent off of a different toy each day. Also, from November 23rd through the 29th, Cartwheel will give users access to exclusive deals such as sixty percent off select movie titles, forty percent off select bakeware sets, and thirty percent off board games. Target started these holiday deals as far back as November 10th and they are continuing until November 29th. This article from Target’s pressroom breaks down all of the deals, extended holiday hours, and discusses more about ways to save on Black Friday:

“Nov. 23-29

Throughout the holiday season, Cartwheel – Target’s mobile savings app – is offering 50 percent off a different toy every day. Additionally, from Nov. 23 to 29, Cartwheel will feature exclusive deals, including at least 25 percent off more than 100 offers. Top deals include:

  • 60 percent off select movie titles
  • 40 percent off select multi-piece bakeware sets

30 percent off board game favorites “

Target’s Cartwheel app has been one of the easiest ways to save money while shopping. But this year they are making Black Friday deals even better and more competitive with other retailers by offering their sales throughout most of November. The CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, was quoted by CBS News explaining how they came about designing their holiday deals this year.

“We know that as we look at the holiday season, the consumer, the shopper, our guest, wants to be out there. So as we looked at our strategy, we started with, what is the consumer looking for? And they told us they actually like to shop at the end of the day. Some of them actually don’t like to get up real early on Black Friday morning,” –Cornell to CBS News

What do you think? Does this make shopping at Target this holiday season more appealing than other stores since you won’t have to beat the crowd on Black Friday?


By: Kelli Hall, Stephanie Jordan, Morgan McCleaf, Shawn Rause, and Danielle Walters

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