Are you Prime this Holiday Season?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, savvy shoppers look for the best deals possible. Every Thanksgiving, shoppers wait in anticipation for a weekend full of frantic purchasing during Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday. This year, many online stores have opened their “doors” early to let people start shopping before the rush. Stores are also using incentive marketing to draw attention to their products during the busy shopping season. Incentive marketing is when companies use motivational items, such as promotional prices, to encourage consumers to purchase their product. This year, Amazon has taken advantage of incentive marketing by releasing a special ‘Prime Early Access Deal’ to members with Amazon Prime accounts.

Earlier this month, Amazon started allowing their Prime members to access select lightning deals before any other shoppers. Lightning deals are special discounts that are only offered for a limited amount of time. This gives every Prime member a jump-start on saving money and it gives non-Prime members another reason to create an account. Some other benefits of Amazon Prime include, free 2-day shipping, access to thousands of free movies and tv shows, access to more than 1,000,000 free Prime Music selections, and now early access to select lightning deals. The first 30 days of a Prime membership is free and then after that it’s just $99 per year. New lightning deals are being posted every day, but they appear to be getting better and better as Thanksgiving approaches.

amazon-prime-early-accessPrime members also have access to early shopping at, which was founded by is a free, members only, online fashion website where you can earn up to 60% off on designer clothes. While this website is known for their good deals year round, they are offering even more deals through the end of Thanksgiving weekend. On a daily basis, deals are posted on at 9am, but now, Amazon Prime members can access these bargains early, starting at 8:30am.

By using incentives during the holiday season, Amazon will gain new members that will stay loyal for the rest of the year. People will see that signing up for Amazon Prime has added benefits and they won’t want to miss out. Some of these new members will choose to keep their membership, while others will simply forget to cancel it after the free 30-day trial period ends. Either way, Amazon will have added many new Prime members after this holiday season. So whether you become a member for the holiday lightning deals or for the year-long benefits, Amazon has successfully found a way to reel in new members through their incentive marketing strategy.

– Hannah Rodgers