Bojangles: A North Carolina Icon

The year was 1977 and in Charlotte N.C. fried chicken would be changed forever by the Bojangles Founders, Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. With the introduction of their Cajun-style chicken and scratch made biscuits, people began to crave this irresistible duo and now, thirty years later Bojangles has spread across the region but the recipe nor the cravings have changed.

Over the years, Bojangles has done a phenomenal job of promoting themselves through community involvement, quality advertisements, and hard to resist promos, coupons, and deals. Despite having over 600 restaurants, they attempt to remain local and active in each of their locations. This has allowed them to expand at a rapid rate while becoming a respected and credible fast food chain. One of their most popular promotions is the E-club which began in 2008. All you have to do is fill out your information on their website and you will receive a free biscuit with any purchase along with coupons on your birthday and a free Bo-Berry biscuit when you refer a friend. Simple deals like this encourage a long term customer relationship while also using free word-of-mouth advertising by their customers.

Bojangles has created a niche market in the quick service food industry by offering food and service that their competition cannot compete with. Their menu is large and unique, with everything from country ham and pinto beans to garden salads and sweet potato pie. They promise food made fresh every day and biscuits made every twenty minutes. While other fast food chains focus on quantity and quickness, Bojangles has taken a tip from the South by taking their time and catering to their customers. A niche market can be defined as a business that addressed the need of a product or service not already available. Being local N.C. residents, the founders pride themselves on the quality of their food and the southern hospitality that comes with it. They realized they had a market for their cajun-style cooking and found a way to connect with the community through their irresistible chicken and biscuits.


Bojangles has repeatedly marketed to North Carolina residents in the past. Jake Delhomme would pop in on our television sets at halftime of the Panthers games to tell us how much he loved Bojangles. Scotty McCreery comes on to serenade us with his Bojangles song–which has become just as well-known as some of his actual work. One thing that everyone in North Carolina loves–college basketball. Bojangles has recognized this by offering two sausage biscuits for a dollar at any North Carolina restaurant after the Tar Heels top 100 points.

Because of the success of Bojangles and the exclusive experience they offer to customers, they were recognized as the #1 restaurant franchise in the chicken category by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2007, named one of only eight restaurant franchises as an elite performer by the Wall Street Times and in 2011, Zagat Survey listed Bojangles’ in the Top 5 Fast Food, Large Chains.

Bojangles has created a niche of fans that crave their fresh made food and are willing to talk about Bojangles anywhere they are, which is the main reason for success.  When this niche hears fried chicken they immediately think of Bojangles and by being unforgettable for their quality food and southern hospitality service you can be sure Bojangles isn’t going anywhere and the only place to go is up.

Brandon Hawkins, Bobby Huckabee, SavannaMitchell, Tony Mangili, Danielle Salas