Tips for College Survival

Wilmington is a college town and with a student body of about 13,ooo, many restaurants and bars cater to students to offer inexpensive deals and specials. Knowing that a large population of their clientele is kids looking for the cheapest beer and food, these businesses find ways to make money off of students without complaints on our end. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, knowing your target customers’ demographics to determine how to appeal to them is the key to a successful business. With over five hundred restaurants to compete with in Wilmington, it is necessary to find your niche and stick with it. Whether it is the appeal of late hours, cheap food or drink specials, there are certain bars and restaurants that have survived over the years largely because of college students and they will continue to flourish based on their ability to use successful tactics and customer service.

Some of the local businesses and restaurants have gone the extra mile to find ways to attract college students by pairing up with UNCW to offer deals to students.  The Student Government Association (SGA) has a link to  Seahawk Savings that provides a list of  local businesses that can be used on a daily basis which allows students to establish customer loyalty.

As we walk you through a week’s worth of our favorite businesses that satisfy the average college student’s budget, notice that many use similar approaches to keep their customers happy.

Sunday: YoSake offers buy one get one free entrees as well as drink specials.

Monday: Moe’s Southwest Grill has “Moe Monday” where you can get any burrito, chips, and a drink for $6.

Tuesday: King Neptune’s offers $1 tacos.

Wednesday: Ladies Night at Little Dipper offers $8 cheese and chocolate fondue.

Thursday: $1 drink specials at Jerry Allen’s, King Neptune’s and 22 North.

Friday: Might as Well Bar and Grill offers 50 cent wings and drink specials.

Fox and Hound offers 20% off everyday for UNCW students

These businesses realize that college students make up a huge percentage of the Wilmington population and finding a way to get them to spend their money is genius. Student discounts do not discount the brand or decrease profits; they drive loyalty and keep students coming back in search of consistency. If they know a business offers the same deal weekly, they are more likely to return provide you with free advertising via word-of-mouth. Ultimately, both parties end up happy in this two-way trade off.


Savanna Mitchell, Brandon Hawkins, Danielle Salas, Bobby Huckabee, Tony Mangili