Eating Ramen Isn’t the Only Way to Save Cash in College

What is your favorite Ramen noodle flavor? Most college students can easily answer this question. Eating Ramen for every meal is a “scary story” most graduating high school seniors hear as they are about to go off to college. The stereotype of “poor college kid” is one that is pretty valid. College students spend money on books, rent, and other “necessities.” After all of these expenses, most students are left living on a strict budget, and looking for discounts anywhere they can find them.

There are many companies that blatantly market towards college students, and have discounts that almost all students know about (for example, Apple and Dell). But there are also many other stores and services that offer students discounts. Unfortunately for us college kids, they aren’t as well-known due to the lack of advertising. Living in a college town can increase business, especially if the business offers student discounts. One of the best ways to market to students is giving away free things and food, but also providing a student discount. The companies in the chart below are ones that offer student discounts that most students probably don’t know about.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.37.39 PM

The way to a college student’s heart is offering them an “exclusive” discounted price. This offer isn’t just for anyone, it’s a perk for the special crowd that is “poor college kids.” Commodity culture states that we define ourselves by the things we buy. If something offered is “exclusive” it immediately becomes more valuable because not everyone can have it. Not only will a student discount attract college students because they can save a few dollars, but also because it is an exclusive offer that only students with a student ID have access to. With that being said, a student ID can still come in handy even to college graduates, for a little while longer at least.

By: Kelli Hall, Stephanie Jordan, Morgan McCleaf, Shawn Rause, and Danielle Walters