Evolution and Obsoletism

This week the blog is going to be focused on the evolution of communication over time.  Not only is technology always advancing, companies are forced to compete with one another with similar products.  The new commercial of Surface Pro 3-Head to Head displays how almost outdated the new Apple laptop is compared to the Surface Pro 3.  Now laptops don’t only function as a computer. This shows a computer that is also a tablet and has a touch screen component. This evolution has changed rapidly and this allows for more communication, more often. We believe this is shown through the theory of Agenda Setting.  Dr. Max McCombs and Dr. Donald Shaw came up with this theory in 1968 at Chapel Hill.  They found that the media has the ability to change what we as consumers believe is important.

This commercial shows that we no longer can be satisfied with a computer just being a computer. We need more.  This concept is also described through the idea of obsoletism.  Obsoletism is that we as a culture no longer wait for things to wear out.  We no longer wait for things to break and no longer be effective.  We just desire things that are more attractive.

The Surface Pro 3 is actually becoming more prominent than we think. Although many of us would be unwilling to transfer from our Macs to a Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 3 is becoming much more prevalent in the communication business world. According to Belikoff (2014), organizations such as BMW, Coca-Cola, and Louis Vuitton, have used the new Surface Pro 3 to help give out presentations within their organizations, while also allowing employees to use the Surface to share knowledge and transfer ideas. Being that we are a society that is constantly on the run, businesses are now using this technology as a mobile and easily usable device that has enabled employees to become much more efficient in the work place environment.

Do you follow the principle of obsoletism and constantly update your technology or do you like to stick with what you know?

– Margaret Cafasso, Kierstin Geary, Connor Gold, Olivia Sadler, and Hannah Zeskind

10 thoughts on “Evolution and Obsoletism

  1. I do not upgrade my technology constantly, I like to stick with what I know. The reason for this is because I prefer Apple products and I don’t have the money to just buy a new laptop/tablet because something new is more attractive.
    Even though when there is an update, like the new IOS version, for the iPhone/Macbook (the technology products I have) I update it and then I want to explore the new features.

    I think the commercial used in this blog is a good example of how the market is at the moment. You need to have a strong brand and marketing strategy to compete with other brands. Another important element is that, in the current market customers are not easy to please they are not easily satisfied. This is also what makes brand communication more difficult.

  2. Although I’d like to think that I stick to what I know, I also find myself wanting to try the new products that are constantly coming out on the market. I had the iPhone 4 for a while, but recently switched to a Samsung Galaxy 4 because I had friends who only ever had good things to say about it. Plus there were many things about Apple that I was annoyed by, like faulty updates. I do love my Samsung, but there was nothing physically wrong with my iPhone that would mean I HAD to get a new phone. In our consumer culture is it even possible to not partake in obsoletism? It seems we all are too easily persuaded.

  3. Because a product offers many features is it still attractive if its not reliable? One of the main reasons that users chose Apple products over Windows is simply because of the reliability. It may lack in some of the areas that Microsoft is rather strong in, but an Apple product simply works with a limited amount of glitches which is what makes an Apple product more attractive to the public. I strongly agree with your theory on obsoletism, but don’t you think people are more likely to stay with the same brand and show some brand loyalty because it works, rather then switch brands and have learn a new operating system?

  4. I always like to think that I stick to what I know but I feel like that only because I cant always afford the new items. Many follow the principle of obsoletism and I feel like many more would if they had the opportunity too.

  5. I found this blog post very interesting. Being an Apple consumer I was unaware that Microsoft has software that is more advanced than Apple. The software might be more advanced but throughout my experience I have found Apple products to flourish in reliability. My MacBook Pro has lasted me four years and I’m hoping it continues on.

  6. I have never been a huge risk taker when it comes to technology and prefer to stick to what I know, such as Apple products. Even when I hear wonderful things about different technological items, I tend to make myself believe that it isn’t a better product. I do agree with what you say about not waiting for things to wear out. I have always been the kind of person to want the new iPhone the day it came out even though my phone before it was perfectly fine. I think our generation is built around technology so when something new comes out, its an instinct to want it.

  7. I noticed most of your responses were similar in that you like to stick to technology that you are familiar with, but are also open to change. Olivia, you raised the question if it was even possible for us not to partake in obsoletism. We are constantly being bombarded with new ads like the one above that persuade us to buy the latest and greatest models. However, even if you stick to what you know you can still upgrade your technology within the same brand, as Tyler noticed.
    Thanks for your responses!
    – Kierstin Geary

  8. I am much fonder of technology I know than new updated technology. I am very technologicaly illliterate and therefor struggle adapting to new technological environments. I currently have an iPhone 4 that I have not updated in over a year. Also, instead of updating to a Playstation 4 or Xbox 1, I still have a gamecube. While I enjoy observing or sampling the novelty of advances in technology, I much prefer stick with what i know. However, most people I know tend to keep up with the latest technological trends.

  9. I was shocked when I was reading this post. I switched from all Microsoft products 4 years ago to all Apple products. I can honestly not see myself going back to a Microsoft product. My sister has a Microsoft Surface Pro, but recently told me that she is about to switch to Apple because she has problems with it. Now that I have all these Apple products I am planning on sticking with them for a while because they are incredibly reliable and are all I really need.

  10. Sometimes purchasing the latest and greatest technologies can end up backfiring. With a whole new device we use regularly like phones and laptops paired with a foreign software to familiarize ourselves with, obsoletism isn’t the path for everyone. However, with brands such as Coca Cola, sometimes the only thing necessary is the higher display. They aren’t concerned with the various other components of the Surface Pro 3, as long as their presentations are as clear as possible for their consumers.
    – Kierstin

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