Get Ready to Rock!

During the month of October, we see lots of pink. Yogurt lids, coffee cups, football jerseys, and ribbon-shaped everything adorn the media and shopping centers alike. However, the rise of “going pink” isn’t just a national trend. In October 2007, UNCW and the Communication Studies Society brought these efforts closer to home. Rock for a Cure is a breast cancer benefit that raises awareness and funding for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Project. Since its commencement, Rock for a Cure has created a culture within UNCW and the Communication Studies discipline that has allowed for the month of October to be full of pride and promise for a healthier tomorrow.

rock for a cure

Rock for a Cure has established itself in the Communication Studies Department as more than an event; it’s part of the culture. As Communication Studies majors, we know Rock for a Cure is an exciting event happening every October that students and faculty alike can look forward to attending. According to UNCW Communication Professor and Rock for a Cure coordinator Jennifer Chin, “Rock symbolizes strength. This strength is seen not only through these women battling breast cancer, but through our community. This event, and the Pink Ribbon Project are strengthening our community ties. Many times, you hear about organizations that fund research and you never hear what happens with your dollar amount, or how it specifically benefits someone. That’s what makes Rock so special, you know that your dollar amount is going to your neighbor, it’s staying local and going to someone in need. That’s what’s truly amazing about the event; we are all combining our efforts and coming together to be strong for our community, and letting these women know that we support them”.

rock for a cure 2

In Geertz and Pacanowsky’s, Cultural Approach to Organizations Theory, the theorists state, “an organization doesn’t have a culture, it is a culture – a unique system of shared meaning”. As this year draws upon its eighth anniversary, we can reflect on Rock for a Cure’s wonderful contributions in the money rasied and donated for a fighting cause, the unforgettable moments it has provided us with in bringing together friends, faculty, students, and breast cancer survivors, as well as for the creation of great memories that will last a lifetime. In sharing the significance of breast cancer awareness with the department and the Wilmington community, the Communication Studies Society allows Rock for a Cure to permeate into the discipline as an indispensible, annual event.

With various ways to celebrate “going pink” in the month of October, it is always a heartwarming feeling to be able to commemorate breast cancer awareness in our very own community. So come one, come all to the Reel Café in Downtown Wilmington tonight for an evening filled with live entertainment, raffle prizes, food, and beverages all in light of a great cause. We can’t wait to see you there!

-Angelica DiPaolo, Morganne McIntyre, Anderson McNaull, Madeline O’Connor, Rachel White

17 thoughts on “Get Ready to Rock!

  1. Very nicely written post. You “get” the level that RFAC and the other stuff we’re trying to do when you invoke the organizational culture frame. Good job. That to me is why attending is so important. It’s not that we want an audience for the band but we want to be the type of department/organization where members have internalized “this is who we are.” Rock on!

    • Dr. Olsen,

      Thank you for your post! This event is a wonderful way to bring together members of our department/organization who symbolize the concept of “this is who we are.” As an active member of CSS and volunteer at the event, it was such a great feeling to collectively participate and represent the Communication Studies Department culture. In quoting Geertz and Pacanowsky’s Cultural Approach to Organizations Theory, “An organization doesn’t have a culture; it is a culture – a unique system of shared meaning.” Rock For a Cure represents more than just a gathering of people for a great cause and a ROCKING band, it is part of our culture created through shared meanings to give back as one entity.

      -Angelica DiPaolo

  2. Given that I am a Communication major I had heard about this event frequently and was excited to go. I unfortunately got sick with the flu and couldn’t make it but I heard it was a great event! I completely agree with the idea that an organization does not have a culture but is a culture itself. This event is not just a one night thing where you forget all about it the next day. This is a month long in October where people are given a chance to support their community and interact with other people for a good cause. I think Dr. Olsen was right, this was very nicely written and a great depiction of not only this organization but others as well.

    • Caitlin,

      Thanks for your post! Rock for a Cure is an awesome event that allows all majors at UNCW the chance to come together and support a bigger fight. As this event just celebrated it’s eighth birthday, it is amazing to see how it has developed and become part of the culture of our discipline.

      – Rachel

  3. I think it’s fantastic that people in our community are supporting breast cancer awareness. It’s even cooler because the event was put together by the Communication Studies Department! I’m truly happy to be a part of something so great.

  4. It’s interesting to see how the Cultural Approach to Organizations Theory proved true through UNCW’s experience with RFTC. It is great to see how UNCW can have a positive impact on our community and that we can see the direct results of this collaboration.

    • Caroline,

      Thanks for your comment! You can see the Cultural Approach to Organization Theory being used all throughout the Communication Studies discipline. Throughout your communication experience, you will be involved in many classes and projects that emulate this!

      – Rachel, Morganne, and Anderson

  5. I think it is great that this event is locally driven. It is so important to engage in community and serve one another right here in Wilmington. I also liked how this article described the event as a part of the Communication Studies department’s culture. As a communication studies major, I always know that the event is coming each year and that this event is so important to the department. I am happy that the department is helping our community and having fun while doing it!

  6. Unfortunately I was out of town for the event this year but I think Rock For a Cure is an amazing way to raise awareness! This event makes me proud to be Communication Studies major. I think it’s amazing that this department can bring people together in support of such an important cause and have such a meaningful impact on the community. This was a fantastic portrayal of the organization and this department.

    • Juliane,

      Thanks for the comment! We hope you can make it out next year to experience Rock for a Cure as a Communication Studies student. There are also various ways to get involved through CSS.

      – Rachel, Morganne, Anderson, and Angelica

  7. This is a great way to get the word out, even more than it already is, about breast cancer awareness. This cause is an important cause and it should always be talked about and taught to anyone who doesn’t know all the logistics about it. This event is a great way to raise money for the foundation. I like the post and the explanation of the event.

    • Grady,

      Thanks for the comment! Having a breast cancer awareness event so close to the Communication Studies discipline and the UNCW community is a great way to meet survivors and feel the impact of the major is doing in Wilmington area.

      – Rachel

  8. I am so proud of the Communications Department, so often we are busy with our everyday life and never think about a crisis until it hits home. To see everyone joining together makes my heart happy. Love Inga

    • Inga,

      Thank you for your comment! Through professor, student, and community integration, the Communication Studies discipline has created a culture with philanthropy and giving back at its core. Each year Rock for a Cure is bigger and better and I can’t wait to see what next year holds!

      – Rachel

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