Yoplait USA: Friends in the Fight

For more than fifteen years, Yoplait USA, the popular yogurt brand, has raised both money and awareness for breast cancer. Since 1998, Yoplait USA has supported breast cancer in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen® through cause marketing, which involves commercial activities that aligns a brand with a cause in order to create benefits for both. In this case, cause marketing helps Yoplait promote and market their products to consumers while raising funds to donate to Susan G. Komen®.

This year, according to Susan G. Komen ‘s website, Yoplait’s cause marketing program is entitled “Friends in the Fight.”  From October 1, 2014 until November 15, 2014, “Yoplait Original and Greek products will feature pink lids. The lids will carry a code that consumers can redeem, through April 1, 2015, at www.Yoplait.com/friendsinthefight and choose to direct their 10 cents donation to Susan G. Komen.” Past cause marketing campaigns between Susan G. Komen® and Yoplait, such as “Save Lids to Save Lives,” have continued to be similar in effect. This year’s title, “Friends in the Fight,” seeks to to demonstrate that Yoplait and its consumers can come together to make the fight against breast cancer more manageable.

Through this program, Yoplait is encouraging consumers to actively participate in their cause marketing campaign by having them physically go online to donate their lid’s ten cents code. This year’s options include Susan G. Komen, Bright Pink and Living Beyond Breast Cancer, all of which help those who are or have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yoplait’s cause marketing agreement is to make a minimal $350,000 donation split among the organizations.

Video shows how to donate to one of three breast cancer foundations

By actively engaging consumer participation via cause marketing, Yoplait says on its website that their efforts represent their “brand persona” and exemplified their consumers.  Cause marketing is a tactic that can not only be beneficial for both parties, but also positively shape the brand’s image by associating said brand with a cause that affects everyday people, such as breast cancer. Creating a positive brand persona that illustrates a commitment to a cause, Yoplait has continually been a popular brand that consumers love.

-Kaitlyn Russell